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On the one hand it seems like he could really like you! Maybe he’s doing things that make you think he cares about you, maybe he’s trying to spend more time with you

Maybe he’s being confusing. Maybe he’s not paying that much attention to you, or he said something to you that made you think he doesn’t really care at all

When you don’t know how a guy feels about you, then every moment you spend with him is filled with anxiety and doubt. How are you supposed to know how to act around him if you don’t know how he feels about you?

1. 5 5" or taller 2. 200-250 3. outgoing 4. yes, but not important. 5. classy but ghetto 6. doesnt matter 7. doesnt matter 8. doesnt matter 9. prefer not 10. yes 11. only chronic 12. outgiong 13. doesnt matter 14. yes 15. outdoor activity, something that requires them interacting with the public,you learn alot about the person like that.

Do you want to know if you're having a boy or a girl? Have you heard all the wives tales, but can't quite figure out what they tell you? Take our quiz and find out what your baby's gender is with JustMommies own gender prediction quiz.

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OK , sounds like she s just being nice , but would not turn down an opportunity to date you one time if you were in the same location. But doesn t sound like she specifically wants you to visit California , she was just replying to your questions. Sounds like high school would have been the best time to date her , however if you are ever in California , you should talk to her. California is very nice , you should visit , everyone should. Yes you can easily get a white girlfriend. Start where you are before pursuing any girl in California. How to move on ? Easy just look at other girls and do whatever it takes to become the man you want to be .

That is a good thing but its not so much the fact that he left but the fact that he thinks about you all the time and loves to be around you.Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 3 years and it only gets better dont give up on him just because hes scared of commitment i was to and now im ready to spend the rest of my life with her.

Early pregnancy symptoms can be very similar to those that accompany having the stomach flu, coming down with a cold, or even suffering from mononucleosis. However, even with all of the similarities, early pregnancy does have some unique signs that should tip you off that you are pregnant rather than sick with a cold or other mild illness. You can get a better idea when you take the am I pregnant quiz. The answers can help you determine if a pregnancy test will give you a negative or positive result.

The pregnancy quiz contains 10 questions that you should carefully consider before answering. Taking your time and thinking about your lifestyle and your recent activities can help you get the answers you need to determine if you should take a pregnancy test. The questions are also simple so that you should be able to answer each one without becoming confused or uncertain. When you finish the quiz, you should have your answer about whether or not you could be in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

This quiz also can be done in the privacy of your own home. You may not be ready to share these kinds of details with friends or family members yet. The am I pregnant quiz provides you with confidential and reliable details you need before you decide with whom to share this information. Because it is available online at any time, you can wait until you are alone at home to take it. Knowing as soon as possible if you are pregnant can give you the confidence you need to take a pregnancy test and see your doctor for further testing and care.