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306,130 people keep coming back to Chinese girls (Disclaimer: This post is mainly about Mainland Chinese girls, NOT ABC’s. I like Chinese people, A LOT.

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Japanese man are very dominate, chinese woman are unlike Japanese woman do not ask her man for what he do in or outside office.

Friends and relatives watch an Eagles training session of the Future League American football youth league team in Beijing, May 28, 2017. American football lags far behind soccer and basketball in China, but the huge potential market of 1.4 billion people has caught the attention of the NFL. (Photo: Thomas Peter/Reuters)

I know right! The Chinese will never be a dying breed. There are so many of them why would they stick to tradition? Some do marry outside of their race.

Well I am Chinese.I would like to tell you that what kind of man we Chinese girls like. First of all,the guy might have no good appearance and physique,but he must be clean and dressed up properly. Secondly,he might not be high educated and so-called COOL but should be gentle and good-mannered. Thirdly,we don t need sweet talks and expensive gifts.Flowers are good,while empressement is better. If you indeed like/love a Chinese girl ,then it is easy to aproach her.Just walk close by her ,stare at her eyes gentlely and tell her your affection. If she would not say NO and just smile at you,congratulations,you get the chance. If she would say nothing and turn about ,don t hesitate to follow her and say what you want to say again.You might get the chance. If she would say NO --don t worry ,you have very tiny chance to hear of this embarrassing word directly from Chinese girls because they don t want to hurt anybody although they don t accept your love-- to you and ignore your sincere pursues all the way,basically ,you can stop your romantic story. Hope this can help you.Good luck.