Topics: i am an indian and i want to search a american lady or girl for marriage. How can I?

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Google " Japanese brides " and you ll get a few sites. The problem with this is most Japanese women tend to go for Japanese men. Next would be white and other Asian men. Japanese women who like black men are in a minority. Just look around you. How many black / Asian couples do you see ? Not many, eh ? You d have better luck with a Thai or Filipina who wants to come to the US. Few Japanese women want to move here. What you re doing is very risky. There s a lot of women who would use you as a free ride to America,and then disappear. The only advice anyone can tell you is to keep trying. As the other poster said, what s wrong with black women ? I know for a fact that there s many black women who would love to have a nice guy in their life who would treat them with love & respect.

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Everyone knows you really just want to jump the quota to get into the USA.

Beautiful women are all over the country and the world.simply look around you.if you desire only American women, then living in the US would be very helpful. .as for websites, there is no specific site "attractive" women use, and since looks are subjective anyway, what you find beautiful may or may not be appealing to someone else. Since you aren t looking to marry, your post would be more suitable in Singles & Dating.

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