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Looking for a marquee hire company in Sussex or surrounding areas? Lewis Marquees supply hand-crafted, luxury marquees to suit any occasion. Learn more.

L ewis Marquees is a traditional marquee hire company with over 180 years of rich heritage in craftsmanship and marquee hire.

Being one of the oldest and most recognised names in marquees in the south of England, we have a long and proud history to uphold dating back to the early 1800’s when the company (then known as John Lewis and sons) specialised in rope making before moving into the marquee trade in the early 1900’s by making tents for the military. With a lot to live up to, we won’t allow you to settle for second best.

Owned by the Lewis family until the later part of the 20th century, Lewis Marquees is now owned and run by Orlando Vaughan and Tom Greene and remains one of the foremost names in the South of England in  marquee hire and event planning.  Specialising in traditional canvas marquees , which are made in house by master tent maker Nick Minkley, but also offering modern clear span frame marquees. From their workshop in Sussex, Lewis Marquees continue to offer its clients the very best in luxury marquee hire.

I think this is only the beginning. Not only will you see more on tv but more in real life. I live in Canada, and I do see more people who are bi-racial from Chinese and Caucasian backgrounds including my friends and cousins. This is a good thing too. It shows that people are open to marrying outside their race and that "ethnic" Chinese peoples are part of mainstream society. Of course this has a lot to do what is going on in China. China is the third world economy of the world and becoming much more international. There will definitely be more opportunity for Chinese people to meet non-Chinese people. After all, Love has nothing to do with race and ethnicity.

I don t know, but think of this: almost every president for the last century, of either party, has been a member of a secret wealthy, elite cabal at Yale called "Skull & Bones." By the way, to The Liberal Patriot, novus ordo seclorum does NOT translate into "New World Order" but rather into "New Order of the Ages." It was more specifically intended on the dollar bill to mean, "Beginning of the New American Era."