Topics: What are some good nerd conventions to go to in the US?

Love makes people do dumb stuff. But there are practical, easy steps we can take to maintain our privacy during romantic relationships, and changing one simple behavior now could keep us safe later on if the relationship ends badly.

While plenty of the tens of thousands of hackers who descend on Las Vegas every year for the security conference DEF CON are there to break shit, lots of them are there to play defense, too. Lauren Rucker, a risk analyst who has consulted for NASA, coached attendees on maintaining their privacy rights during relationships.

“If you’re living with someone or in a relationship or a marriage with someone, you are giving up a lot of your privacy rights because you’re sharing a lot with that person anyway,” Rucker said.

Well Here s a website with a LIST of Conventions, and YES the title says Anime Conventions but not ALL of them are anime conventions you just have to look at all of them in the dates and they also have links to the website so you can see what s going to happen at the convention They also have where the Convention is going to be, how much it will cost to get in, a link to the website, and what state and city/town it s in What I like going to is 2 conventions from the list, Blizzcon and Metrocon Blizzcon is pretty much a Convention for people who are fans of what the Company Blizzard makes (they mostly make games like World of Warcraft) and Metrocon is Florida s BIGGEST Anime Convention (I know you said you don t like anime cons but it s just a suggestion) they have lots of stuff to do there and It s really fun there and Metrocon also has a Costume Contest ;) so HAVE FUN SEARCHING! EDIT: And the CURRENT News that has came out for Metrocon is that they re going to team up with a Sci Fi and Fantasy Con this year called Necronomicon, so they re going to have some Sci Fi and Fantasy themes there

You may want to explore Kickstart, which can help you fund it and tour it. Also it will give you some exposure and some tools to help. You obviously should consider filming it and posting bits online to generate exposure. A show like this is good for school assemblies, so if you can pare down ets and costumes and so on, tour schools. Contact the school districts directly and get on the schedule for next year. Offer the rights for sale on your website. That way other school drama departments, particularly middle schools, can put it on. I know many middle schools that still have drama and still do shows. (Especially private schools). They are always looking for shows to put on that are appropriate and interesting to middle schoolers. Best of luck.

For what seemed like weeks straight, my Facebook news feed was flooded with ads for a women’s fashion website called The website promises adorable sweaters for about $20, dresses for as low as $10 and earrings for $0.68.

I took a leap and placed an order for a $42 hooded coat (below), which I had been meaning to buy for weeks. Although, Rosegal’s website says it is trusted, I used PayPal to complete my payment. If the option is there, and you have an inkling of self-doubt, do what feels right. This portion was straightforward. I paid and waited.

I placed the order on Nov. 2 and got all the typical email confirmations and an order number. The next day on Nov. 3, I was notified that my order had shipped and was given a new reference number. It said the package would take 12-25 days to arrive.

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