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Yes you are being played for fool, that s what women would do to you if you give them your 100% trust, I know first hand, but we won t get into that, women get what they want, and when they want it, that s just how it is. But don t sit around looking like a sucker, get up off your azz and date other women, if you don t, she will look at you as pathetic, at least you can do is have pride and confidence, show her two can play at that game. that is if you have balls, if you showed more balls during the relationship maybe she wouldn t of crept around. Women do not like sensitive guys, thats just in movies ya digg

Play: After (on-leash) hiking in Turtleback Mountain Preserve ( ), swimming the cool waters of North Beach ( ), and romping in Eastsound’s off-leash dog park ( ), your pup will learn to love the sight of the island ferry (dogs ride free; ).  

Stay: West Beach Resort ($; $18 per night pet fee; ) has cabins on a ½-mile dog- and family-friendly beach.

Play: On Lake Washington, the 9-acre Warren Magnuson Dog Park, fully fenced retreat is Seattle’s one off-leash park that also gives dogs access to the water. But that’s not its only appeal. There’s beautiful scenery to be enjoyed along the park’s shoreline trail, not to mention a designated small-dog area and a dog-washing station. It’s wheelchair-accessible too.

Pitbulls are a restricted breed here. People are getting away without registering them as a pit by calling them American Bulldogs. Also some people are calling them Staffy s too.

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I met my bf from online. it seems unbelievable but at first we sort of agree to be just casual i.e. for the fun and since we live so close we decided to meet up on first day after chatting for a few hours. it seems to click really well..i mean there are some guys who either weren t interesting or weren t ticking the boxes (talk too much or boast too much). but this guy i met seemed just right. so we met up and after a month of fun, he fell in love with me and we ve been together ever since. now we re together for almost a year. went on a few holidays together. it was great. now he stops going to that website. he said some money paid over the site was worth meeting me. :) ofcourse he has met someone else before on the net - but apparently did not click in person. they met over dinner and that was it. no more contact. I won t say that online dating will result in finding your missing half everytime but it definitely up the chance!

Every dog needs a collar. Not only so you have something to clip the lead on to, but also so you and your canine companion stay on the right side of the law. The snappily titled Control of Dogs Order 1992 ruled that all pups must wear one in public places, complete with an identity tag showing the owner’s name and address. Collars, like our doggies, come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Alex Frith of dog lifestyle blog Barkarama shares her top picks. Among them you’ll find durable, comfortable and some super-stylish pieces for your faithful hound.

For collar-phobic canines, this one’s designed to be super-comfortable and won’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s made from a flexible but tough, rubber-like material (it’s waterproof) and adjusts precisely to your dog’s neck measurements. The idiot-proof fastening does away with faffing with pins and buckles, too.

Made from sturdy printed leather in neon pink, this bright little number comes in sizes small, medium and large. There’s a co-ordinating lead if you fancy going matchy-matchy on walks.