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If You Think You Can Avoid HPV by Only Having Oral Sex, Think Again Feb 08, 2017

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If You Think You Can Avoid HPV by Only Having Oral Sex, Think Again Feb 08, 2017

HPV is the most prevalent STD out there. 98% of people will contract some form of it at some point in their lives, it is NOT a reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. Go out to a bar some night, look around at all the women around you. Over 50% (and I m being very conservative in my estimate here) have HPV. You will not be alone, you will get over that feeling quite quickly when you realize that you are in the majority. People just like to walk around and pretend they don t have anything, or just don t know that they have anything. I used to live in a small town, we weren t taught to use condoms, next thing you know I know 5 of my friends have Genital Warts. None of them have had any problem whatsoever dating, actually, nothing really changed in their lives at all. Most of the time the conversation goes a little like this..."ummm, I sort of have something"..."really,what?".......HPV....."Oh, well we can just use a condom then"...It s simple as that, of all the people I know who have HPV and Herpes and other things even, not one has ever been turned down as a result of their "issue". It sounds like you just need to get away from this lady. If you aren t anywhere near her she can t accuse you of doing anything to her. She is trying to trap you, and that isn t real love, that is just neediness. Plus if she cheated on you 10 times while in Iraq it s only a matter of time before she brings home something much worse than HPV.

If you use protection do you have to tell him? I would say don t rush into the physical part of the relationship then once you ve become better friends you ll know if you can talk to him or not.

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