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Yes, you can still get pregnant and it s very possible since your egg is in the uterus ready to be fertilized. Actually the time of the month where you have more possibilities of getting pregnant are the days immediately after the ovulation. Well, Technically you can t have your period while you are pregnant, but it s a common mistake (what the pregnant women have are small bleedings due to the pregnancy itself and they re often confused with the period if you don t know you are pregnant). Well, your chances of being pregnant are a little high because of the sex, but knowing if you are or not is easy, buy a test in the farmacy or do a blood test to be sure, it s quick and safe :)

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I m going to answer as best as I can because this is a massive amount to read, I didn t read it, but I did read enough to know he s being a jerk right now. I suggest copping this on a notepad or text editing program and shortening it down to what ever is necessary and breaking it into paragraphs. Your fist "additional details" post is a good size post (but again break it into paragraphs). Porn usually, but not always means a guy is more interested in the porn or the girls in it than you, most of us would rather have the real thing and are more attracted to the girl we re with, if he would rather have sex with you or if he s more attracted to the girls in the porn videos, then there s something wrong with him. If you think there is good in him, then give him a chance; ask him to sit down and have talk with you and tell him how it s making you feel. He s addicted if it s interfering with his life, if this is the case tell him he needs to get help. If it s not then he doesn t need help. He should want and prefer having sex with you (and not just having sex, but making love to you), instead of porn; this isn t always an option, your not always going to be there when he s in the mood, so he shouldn t stop porn completely. Suggest that you both see a counselor if your relationship is hurting. If this guy is being a jerk, and you doubt he was really the nice guy you thought he was then don t ask him to sit down and talk with you, just leave him and look for a man who will treat you right.

I m so sorry to hear that you ve experienced a miscarriage. I ve actually miscarried twice so I know the heartache! 1st I want to suggest to you to make sure you are mentally ready to try again. I thought I was when I fell pregnant the 2nd time but I was not and I had severe depression during the pregnancy and the 2nd miscarriage. Next, I suggest you wait until your periods are back on track. I had a D&C with my first loss and my period didn t go back to normal for months and during that time I couldn t get pregnant :( From what you ve said above, your cycle sounds very average. Also, I couldn t afford it personally, but there are tests you can have done to see if there are any preexisting issues that may cause miscarriage or infertility. Now to ideas on how to conceive! I tried the basal temp but you HAVE to buy the special thermometer and I couldn t really get an average temp for my body. I had no luck with that method. I think it is a great idea to purchase the ovulation kits! They have specific instructions and if your app is anything like mine, you ll be able to tell your phone the actual days you ovulate if it is off. Some things I did to conceive. Make sure you and your partner are taking a break every other day. His sperm count can go down if he is ejaculating every day so give it a day to regroup! Make sure he is wearing loose, cool pants to increase sperm count. I ve also read pineapple juice can assist in this but I can t be for sure. Also, after ejaculation, put a pillow under your hips to elevate your vagina. Just putting your legs in the air does nothing but the angle with your hips up will let gravity do the work for you! I wish I had more helpful hints but it looks like you are already tracking your body pretty well and it takes a while after a miscarriage to conceive again. After my first loss it took 6 months to fall pregnant again and after the second it took almost a year! Don t give up hope and I pray you are blessed with a child soon :) Good luck!!!

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