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Statically of Black adult males who marry basically 7% prepare miscegenation and basically 5% are with White women. The statistics are decrease between Black women. So my ingredient is that if 93percentof Black adult males are marrying Black women why could I have an interest in the 7% that don t? And as you in addition to could pronounced the statistics are even decrease between Black women. i m for the maintenance and promoting of Black love, Black solidarity and the Black family individuals. i do no longer care why White adult males are no longer marrying Black women. opposite to the sensationalized media the US Census speaks for itself. additionally i will say in my opinion i do no longer recognize any Black/White interracial couples in my opinion and that i recognize many married couples. in certainty purely this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days I witness many weddings between my buddies and family individuals that have been between Black adult males and Black women. So back why ought to I have an interest in certainly one of those small team of folk?

yes no yes yes where do you get your sources? i mean besides yahoo answers and blog sites made up by racist teenage black girls