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There was an interesting comment posted under a story we did on Loving Day about African women in interracial relationships versus African American women, and thought it was worth delving into.

One thing I have noticed is, most of these women in IR relationships are Afric@n women or foreign bl@ckk women or bl@ck women from the islands. they are not usually AA women. Is there anything Afric@n women know about IR relationships that we don’t know. Do they haveAny tips they should be sharing with us. Most IR relationships I see on Instagram and YouTube involving bl@ck women its usually foreign bl@ck women. More than half of these women featured here today are foreigne black women. Just asking for a friend. Lol

This right here is comment gold. Essentially African women’s ability to think of their SELF INTEREST over all things allows them to interracially date and marry without a second thought. The issue African American women have that they don’t is a constant indoctrination of “white people bad” and to not believe so is a betrayal to the race. We’re still in chains, while African women allow themselves to be free.

I ignore them too, who cares. Black women who date interracially should be with Latinos more than Whites, but thats just my opinion. If a lot of Black girls were dating interracially I would hope for a world where Black girls were in happy, great relationships with cute Hispanic guys, and with lots of little Blatino babies. lol. (:

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That s actually pretty smart lol. Well, as much as I don t want to talk bad about a relationship. I personally wouldn t be able to trust her. Considering all the things she said about you behind your back, and the fact she lied and was going to go out and actually meet this fake person. I don t know, that just sends out a bunch of red flags to me. It hurts the most especially when you love a person, but I would find it very hard to trust her anymore. I m very sorry about this :(

I think you d get a lot out of reading "Astral Dynamics". The author (Robert Bruce) has also written a book called "Practical Psychic Self Defence" that you might find useful. The latter is more the sort of book you read out of necessity than for enjoyment, whereas the former is far more upbeat and is brimming with very detailed out-of-body information. If you re not especially scared, go with the first one.

Hip Hop fans and natives to Queens New York know who the legendary Pappy Mason is. He isn’t Italian, he isn’t Cuban and he’s not a creature of myth. While his reality these days is that of a poop slinging, 24hr lockdown lunatic serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole, Pappy Mason was one of the most dangerous gangsters to have ever held the streets of New York.

The legend that is Pappy Mason is that of an enforcer and muscle who studied the doctrines (a whole lot of Scarface and The Godfather reruns), hated cops with a passion and never broke omerta. He was a crime boss’s wet dream because of his loyalty and he served his boss Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols with Samurai loyalty. Pappy Mason was successful for one single solitary reason, he was respected out of fear. His volatile nature and bull-like aggression made it easy for him to commit murder when he deemed it necessary and this included the very police officers that he hated.

Pappy was said to have shot druggies if they made any remarks about his bosses product. He was the Al Capone to Fat Cat’s Johnny Torrio , the Sammy Gravano to Cat’s Gotti – well before Gravano betrayed him, you get what I am saying, he was the Black Hand bodyguard to a crack king. Due to Pappy’s ruthlessness Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols had a life of luxury, endless riches and invincibility. Looking at the Cat wrong would get you killed by Pappy and for this his boss rewarded him with his own corner. This led to Pappy forming his own sub-gang known as the Bebos.

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