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ILove Living In The Philippines In February of 2008, I moved to the Philippines. As far as good things go, they rank close behind the birth of my children

Unlike other Indian restaurants in town, Indian by Nature has brought in different Chefs from the seven main regions of India so both the variety and authenticity is extraordinary!

From North India, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat, the listing of regional specialties reads like a school geography test!

You see the Chefs feverishly at work through the open kitchen layout also a rarity and the busy kitchen is spotless!

You can find something that is a Filipino style home but a nicer one. Something not quite up to Western styles but close. Mine is like that. No central air and no centralized hot water. The windows are glass but leaky. 🙂 That’s the only way it is not Western.

It took me about three months to get use to hot water at the tap. We have a water heater just for the shower. Filipino that have a hot shower, usually have that or they warm water on the stove. 🙂 There is another type of device that can be dropped in a pail of water to warm it up. Works, but careful or you’ll get a nice little shock. I did twice. haha

You have to become a citizen to do that. You’d first need to be permanent resident and live, perhaps stay in the Philippines for 10 years. I’m not sure you can even leave for a short trip. You must live in the Philippines for 10 years continuously.

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