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Known for their sultry, sassy, independent ways, cats are one of the nation’s favourite pets. More than 7 million reside in homes across the UK with each.

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TSB's Classic Plus account will pay you 3% interest on up to £1,500 and up to £10-a-month if you maintain two direct debits and make 20 debit card payments each month (until June 2018). You must pay in £500 a month.

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You were one of the strange kids at school but became popular in your university days where you were finally appreciated for being different.

You are a fan of history and literature, and last summer went on a holiday to Orléans in France to trace the story of Joan of Arc.

Some people think you are unapproachable, but when they get to know you they’ll discover a cheeky sense of humour and a chatty nature.

You may have thought that the worst a pet cat can do is leave you scratched and covered in fur, but according to new research, your cat could be having a much more serious effect on you without you realising.

Owning a cat could be having an impact on your sexual behavioural patterns, and specifically, could make you more likely to be aroused by sadomachism, a new study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology revealed.

The reason is that a common brain parasite from cats, Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis, is linked to sexual arousal by fear, violence and danger in humans.

This is brilliant. Singh Song! - Daljit Nagra I run one ov me daddy s shops from 9 o clock and he vunt me not hav a break but ven nobody in, I do di lock - cos up di stairs in my newly bride vee share in chapatti vee share in de chutney after vee hav made luv like vee rowing through Putney - Ven I return vid my pinnie untied di shoppers always point and cry: Hey Singh, ver yoo bin? Yor lemons are limes yor bananas are plantain, dis dirty little floor need a little bit of mop in di worst Indian shop on di whole Indian road - Above my head high heel tap di ground as my vife on di web is playing wid di mouse ven she netting two cat on her Sikh lover site she book dem for di meat at di cheese ov her price - my bride she effing at my mum in all di colours on Punjabi den stumble like a drunk making fun at my daddy my bride tiny eyes ov a gun and di tummy ov a teddy my bride she hav a red crew cut and she wear a Tartan sari a donkey jacket and some pumps on di squeak ov di girls dat are pinching my sweeties - ven I return from di tickle ov my bride di shoppers always point and cry: Hey Singh, ver yoo bin? Di milk is out ov date and di bread is always stale, di tings yoo hav on offer yoo hav never got in stock in di worst Indian shop on di whole Indian road - Late in di midnight hour ven yoo shoppers are wrap up quiet ven di precinct is concrete-cool vee *** down whispering stairs and sit on my silver stool, from behind di chocolate bars vee stare past di half-price window signs at di beaches ov di UK in brighty moon - from di stool each night she say, How much do yoo charge for that moon baby? from di stool each night I say, How much does that come to baby? from di stool each night I say, is priceless baby - Daljit Nagra is a British poet of Indian descent born in Bradford in 1966, who now lives and works in London. Look We Have Coming to Dover was his first collection, published in 2007, and the title poem won the Forward Poetry Prize. His poetry explores the experiences of first generation immigrants to Britain and those of their children and grandchildren. ----- Not sure when she was born but Pam Ayres is great! Here is one of her poems. He Never Leaves The Seat Up He never leaves the seat up Or wet towels upon the floor The toothpaste has the lid on And he always shuts the door! She’s very clean and tidy Though she may sometimes delude Leave your things out at your peril In a second they’ll have moved! He’s a very active person As are all his next of kin Where as she likes lazy days He’ll still drag her to the gym! He romances her and dines her Home cooked dinners and the like He even knows her favourite food And spoils her day and night! She’s thoughtful when he looks at her A smile upon his face Will he look that good in 50 years When his dentures aren’t in place?! He says he loves her figure And her mental prowess too But when gravity takes her over Will she charm with her IQ? She says she loves his kindness And his patience is a must And of course she thinks he’s handsome Which in her eyes is a plus! They’re both not wholly perfect But who are we to judge He can be pig headed Where as she won’t even budge! All that said and done They love the time they spent together And I hope as I’m sure you do That this fine day will last forever. He’ll be more than just her husband He’ll also be her friend And she’ll be more than just his wife She’s be his soul mate ‘till the end. -------

Facts and photos about the beautiful Bengal cat.

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