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Just down the road from Queensland (Head in the direction of SM from Mango) – take a left, I think it’s the 2nd road before you get to the junction with the main highway connecting Cebu central with Mandaue (reclamation area) – you’ll see Club Arena if you look left, all lit up. If you get a taxi from the main Mango strip, it will take you just 5 mins and cost around 80 pesos or so.

3/5 Girls don’t roam around freely and mingle like most of the bars, which is a bit of a downer, although once you’ve got that second mortgage out on your home to fund your night out at club Arena AND the Securicor van arrives with your funds for the first ladie’s drink, you can settle down and enjoy your time with your young specimen of choice – very pleasant indeed!

2/5 Kinda serious in there – be an idea to turn up wearing something reasonably smart, but of course, it’s not a must – goes down well with the girls though – come on, doesn’t hurt to get those shorts off and a pair of trousers on once every six months! Hopefully you’ve brought some slacks with you (great for clubs/discos too – esp club Juliana ). If you’re tall and need a 32 – 34” leg, then you haven’t got a hope in hell of finding something that will fit in the malls of Cebu, short of going to the Tailor (which is actually a remarkably good idea in itself!).

@Jordan beautiful gene pool? Nagpapatawa ka ba? Tingnan mo nga ang mala nognog mong itsura sa salamin. lolz

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I was told by someone that is the lowest would be on Northwest Airlines for around 1200 dollars round trip. I doubt it if you can find anything less than this.

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go to philippines/japan yourself or just find a filipina/japanese in your place. I doubt there can be a greencard holder for women you meet online. They are more likely pursuing to have a greencard that s why they are there in online dating sites.

Bantayan is a 1st municipal income class municipality on Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu , Philippines. [3] [6] It is located 136 kilometres (85 miles) by road and sea from Cebu City. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 79,084, making it the island's most populous town as well as the largest. [4] In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 39,721 registered voters. [5]

It is bordered to the north by Madridejos and to the southeast by Santa Fe. The municipality also includes numerous smaller islands, such as the Don Islands (Botigues, Doong, Lipayran), Hilotongan, and Yao.

In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 39,721 registered voters, meaning that 50% of the population are aged 18 and over. [5]