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Chen and Bomi are Dating Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating Who's The next?? TAO ?? Luhan ?? Sehun ?? Kai ?? Chanyeol ?? Suho ?? Lay.

Em Kay Sep 12 2017 1:22 am A big WOWWWW to him! You are born to be a great actor and a great kisser! The most important issue is Why Are you so Charming & Handsome! Just how grateful my life is if i can meet you in person. Anyhow, i hope for your future success in life till your last breath. i will always be there to support you thru ups and downs. Love Ya!

bdxpelik Sep 09 2017 1:24 am So. Ji Chang Wook is an action-genre actor. Like Tom Cruise. Awesome. I've only ever seen him in Warrior Baek Dong Su and partially in Suspicious Partner (I've never finished that series).

Valentina Sep 07 2017 4:41 am Waiting for you to come back in 2019, I see the movies with you, my favorite is "Suspicious Partner". Take care, Chang Wook oppa, especially when it comes to food and the cold of the seasons. Saranghae from Romania,in my country you are loved by all your fans.

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Bern Jun 05 2017 8:43 pm Ji Chang Wook your acting skills are really awesome. Whether it's drama, comedy or action. Perhaps it's because you always give your all in.