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“Ernie contacted me first and I liked the look of his profile. We decided to meet at a local pub and realised we had a lot in common. We’ve had many dates since. We would tell others to be genuine and considerate with those you meet and a sense of humour always helps!”

“I contacted Gill on the site, we messaged for a few days before meeting for a drink in Cardiff. Since then we have been on lots of dates. We now spend at least 4 nights a week together and recently went away for a weekend, as we both love the coast and walking.”

“I liked what Steve had said in his profile so I sent him a message. To my surprise he replied and we spoke for about two weeks before meeting up for lunch. We got on really well. It feels like we have known each other for years, not just a few months!”

Bart Holterman presentated the project and his own research on August 5 in Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen. Matthias Holthaus was there as well and wrote the following article about it in the Weser Kurier of August 21, which gives a nice overview of the situation German merchants had to deal with when trading in the North Atlantic in the late Middle Ages (in German).,-reger-handel-mit-dem-hohen-norden-_arid,1638338.html

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Does Adventism teach the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity? Or do they just use the term and redefine it, denying the actual doctrine? Find out for yourself.

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A study by a university in the U.K. has found that contraceptive pills, cleaning products and other household items flushed down household drains are turning male fish transgender.

Male river fish are displaying feminized traits and even producing eggs, the study led by Professor Charles Tyler of the University of Exeter found, according to The Telegraph. Some fish have reduced sperm quality and display less aggressive and competitive behaviour, making them less likely to breed.

The tests involved in the study showed that as much as 20 percent of freshwater fish at 50 different sites in the U.K. had higher feminine characteristics.