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7Things to Know Before Getting Serious with a. trans men do not experience as much violence as trans women,. Even if you’re dating a cis.

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You know the assumption I have in mind, dear reader. It’s the conviction that certain common human emotions are evil and harmful and wrong, and the way to make a better world is to get rid of them in one way or another. That belief is taken for granted throughout the industrial societies of the modern West, and it’s been welded in place for a very long time, though—as we’ll see in a moment—the particular emotions so labeled have varied from time to time. Just now, of course, the emotion at the center of this particular rogue’s gallery is hate.

These days hate has roughly the same role in popular culture that original sin has in traditional Christian theology. If you want to slap the worst imaginable label on an organization, you call it a hate group. If you want to push a category of discourse straight into the realm of the utterly unacceptable, you call it hate speech. If you’re speaking in public and you want to be sure that everyone in the crowd will beam approval at you, all you have to do is denounce hate.

Now of course most people these days, when confronted with the sort of things I’ve just written, are likely to respond, “Wait, are you saying that hate is good?”—as though the only alternatives available are condemning something as absolutely bad or praising it as absolutely good. Let’s set that simplistic reaction to one side for the moment, and ask a different question: what happens when people decide that some common human emotion is evil and harmful and wrong, and decide that the way to make a better world is to get rid of it?

It occurred to me the other day that there’s a curious disconnect between one of the most common assumptions most of us make about how to make the world better, on.

this question is just to tempting! im gay and i wouldnt. for one because i wouodnt feel like im making love to the "real" person. if you know what i mean.

Before I answer your question, even though I got a kick out of reading your response to Toad.. As a queer transman I don t feel that what you initially said was in anyway offensive. Some people just have such a chip on their shoulders you can t even open your mouth in their direction. I haven t tried anything else really, but I had good success with it s the GLBTQ equivalent of myspace on a smaller scale.