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Where did this podcast and idea come from? Episode 0: About Joc Marie, Justin Malik, and Optimal Living Daily: Relationships Justin Malik launched Optimal Living Daily in December 2015 and this is a spin-off of that podcast, featuring Joc Marie. Visit Me Online at and Join the Ol' Family to get your Free Gifts

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Search The DSR Podcast For example, type "Girlfriend" to search advice about Girlfriends.

Welcome to the #1 men’s podcast in the world The Elite Man Podcast where we interview and chat with some of the best minds in the business, lifestyle, health, and dating world. This show will help you overcome and conquer life’s greatest challenges and is the #1 men’s self-help podcast in the world.

Some of our past guests include: International bestselling author Robert Greene, world-renowned life coach Sean Stephenson, Mixed Martial Arts and UFC Superstar Rich Franklin, the world’s best online marketer for businesses Neil Patel, top business strategist and original Shark Tank Member Kevin Harrington, and New York Times bestselling author and speaker Dan Millman.

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The dating game has changed since you were in your twenties. Fortunately, you don't have to feel lost. Get the best dating advice for women over 40.

Do you find it hard to flirt with a man because you re shy? Find out how to flirt with a man effectively to capture a man s attention.

This is just a general list. Add or take away from it depending on the type of trip you’re going on. For example, you ‘re going on a ski trip, remember to pack your ski gear. The point of the list is to 1) make sure you remember to bring stuff and 2) make sure you don’t overpack. If it’s not on the list, don’t pack it. Macke sure to check out Art of Manliness Man’s Guide to Packing.


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To combat throw away culture, Dane thinks you should make every effort early to bring out your best qualities and give peope a reason not to write you off.  Cara says don’t judge too early, just give people more time before you decide it isn’t going to work. We eventually …

Best friends Nikki & Anna chat sports, dating and ponder the big and small questions in life. (Mostly small. Very small.)