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The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna is a seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over.

A s in politics, a week can be a very long time in television. If you ever wanted an example of how quickly a topical TV programme can become outdated thanks to a sudden shift in the political landscape, Theresa v Boris: How May Became PM (BBC Two) offered the perfect cautionary tale.

Commissioned before the General Election for the BBC’s Brexit – One Year On season, Justin Hardy’s docudrama was an odd yet ambitious concoction. A blend of dramatised scenes and eyewitness interviews with political insiders, it recalled the hectic three weeks that followed David Cameron’s post-referendum resignation last June, and how a mixture of political blunders and back-stabbing enabled Mrs May to snatch the leadership of the Conservative Party from Brexiteer-in-chief Boris Johnson.

T o be fair, the contributions from the likes of Will Walden and Nigel Adams from Team Boris, George Hollingbery from Team May and Tim Loughton from Team Andrea Leadsom were illuminating regarding the extraordinary political shenanigans and jostling for position that went on behind the scenes as the front runners rallied support in the leadership race.

"Children at church learned a song for Mother's Day titled 'I Love Mommy' and sung to the tune of 'Jesus Loves Me,'" McGarvey says. "However, Lorrie's grandchildren changed the lyrics to 'I Love Grandma.'"