Topics: Can I have some tips on dating older men?

Here, a 25-year-old woman explains what it's really like dating an older man nearly 15 years her senior—and lays out the good and bad parts of dating.

Your best be would be through a dating website. Because older men who are not married and hang out at the bar are usually drunks.

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easy. you have to do what women hate to do which is be responsible. and accountable. you have to assure him that you are a good person. you have to prove to him that you are worthy. The problem with divorce and how t affects a man is he sees how you are. I don t mean to say all women are the same but similar enough to be a problem. you need to talk to him instead of "gaming" him. like, questions like this are what you need to ask him. If he senses you playing "mind games" with his feelings red flags will pop up and he will back away because he s seen it before. heck we all have. it s why i m not getting married either because i think women are too flaky and fake. Say one thing do something else. that s a major warning sign. it s cute in high school but it aint so cute when bills are past due. And he s relying on you as not only a partner but a friend. if you don t take my advice than your female pride is worth more than his love.

i would guess its called rape? i had this same proplem with my cousin i worried about her i loved her like a sister i waited till it was to late to tell anybody when she told me she got pregnant it was an accident she said te condom ripped. thats when i told her parents..sure she hates me now but there were going to find out anyway.take this as advice..DON T WAIT TILL ITS TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!