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A few weeks ago I was reading an article in Money magazine about a couple who retired at 40. While they do live frugally in relatively low-cost St. Louis, the primary reason they were able to retire is that they each served for 20 years in the military and now receive a pension of $58,500 per year. They will receive this amount, adjusted for inflation, for the rest of their lives ! On top of that, they get health coverage forever as well.

Obviously there are some important issues involved in working in the military. A sense of national duty, risk of injury and even death, possibly lower pay, and constant relocation, just to name a few. But let’s just focus on the financial aspects here. I knew military pensions were good, but I didn’t know they started as soon as you retired. I figured they’d kick in at 60 or 65, not right away. How much is that pension really worth? How much would a civilian job-jumper have to put away to replicate it?

In addition, I can’t properly estimate how much the lifetime of health insurance is worth, but it has to be worth at least another $100,000-$200,000. The article lists their net worth at about $500,000, but really it is the equivalent of around $1.75 million for someone with no pension. At 40 years old, that is quite impressive.

The Batavi was an auxilia palatina (infantry) unit of the Late Roman army , active between the 4th and the 5th century. It was composed by 500 soldiers and was the heir of those ethnic groups that were initially used as auxiliary units of the Roman army and later integrated in the Roman Empire after the Constitutio Antoniniana . Their name was derived from the people of the Batavi.

In the sources they are usually recorded together with the Heruli , and it is probable the two units fought together.

At the beginning of the 5th century two related units are attested, the Batavi seniores and the Batavi iuniores .

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9 months of marriage? You will not get his military pension, benefits or keep the health insurance he has through tri-care as a retiree. Alimony is up to the judge, but 9 months usually will warrant no alimony. Property division is up to the judge as well pending what you two acquired in short marriage.

The Batavi was an auxilia palatina (infantry) unit of the Late Roman army, active between the 4th and the 5th century. It was composed by 500 soldiers and was the.



My incentive to join the U.S. Armed forces was (a) to get out of slower, lower Delaware, and (b) to see the world. I did a lot of both. I got out of slower, lower Delaware (only went back to visit family), and I ve been stationed in 3 countries, visted over 30 (some more than once), sailed on 8 oceans/seas, been on 5 U.S. Navy ships, learned 9 languages.or is it 10? The U.S. doesn t LOVE war. We love FREEDOM and believe everyone has the right to live in freedom so get your head outta your ignorant hind parts on that one. My grandparents/parents/aunt/twin uncles came to this country from Finland. My father joined the U.S. Army and fought for the freedom of Europeans (and lost an arm). My twin uncles joined the U.S. Army and fought for the freedom of South Koreans. Wes was MIA 12/50, Ray was KIA 1/51. Because of men and women like my father and twin uncles, Europe and South Korea are FREE today, as is this country. So watch your dumb äss mouth about how this country LOVES WAR. You re as ignorant as they come for saying that. WE DON T LOVE WAR! We love PEACE. But you re too friggin stupid to know that. If tha offends, you, too bad. YOU offend me with your comment "A COUNTRY THAT LOVES WAR." (US Navy, retired 1965 - 85/in-country Viet Nam vet 1966 & 1967)

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Before breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, Robinson was drafted into service for World War II. The future Brooklyn Dodgers star became a second lieutenant in 1943 after getting into Officer Candidate School, and was later assigned to the 761st "Black Panthers" Tank Battalion. Robinson didn’t see action overseas and was honorably discharged in 1944. He went on to be one of the most influential baseball players of all time, winning the National League MVP award in 1949 and the World Series with the Dodgers in 1955. His number 42 jersey is retired by all 30 MLB teams.

San Antonio Spurs star David Robinson earned his nickname “The Admiral” the old-fashioned way—he went to college at the United States Naval Academy and served in the Navy after graduating. The Spurs drafted Robinson in the 1987 NBA Draft, but he didn’t suit up for the team until 1989, as he had to serve for two years in the Navy. Robinson served as a civil engineering officer at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia before starting his career with the Spurs, where he spent his entire NBA career, winning two championships.

Yogi Berra was one of the most successful baseball players of all time—he made it to 18 All-Star games and won 13 World Series during his career—but before debuting in the MLB, Berra served in World War II. Berra served in the U.S. Navy as a gunner’s mate and took part in the D-Day Invasion in 1944, helping to launch rockets and fire machine guns at the German forces on the beach. Berra was called up to the major leagues in 1946 and became one of the best (and most quotable) offensive players in history, finishing his career with 358 home runs.