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Viagra is now available in
powder form for your tea.
It doesn't enhance sexual
performance but it does stop your
biscuit going soft.

Research indicates that children smile or laugh 400 times per day, adults smile or laugh 15 or less times per day and think negative ideas ¾ of the time. Laughter benefits the body, mind and intellect and the dominant emotions of pleasure, peace, love, and joy. It can control high blood pressure and heart disease and strengthens the immune system. It is the best exercise for bronchitis and asthma by improving the lung capacity and oxygen level in the blood …and reduce Snoring because laughter is very good for the muscles of the soft palate and throat!

There was a man who had worked his whole life in a pickle factory. One day he came home and told his wife that it was time to retire because he had been fired from his job.

what is the best free online dating site demographics

Wait about four more years, then try to find a girl that can drive and have sex, etc. Also, you are 15 and wanting to find a website to meet people??? Get your a$$ out of that chair and get out and about and meet people

You know those girls who refuse to date anyone younger than they are, much less anyone their own age? They have a specific, thought-out reasoning as to why.

I think it is honorable to wait until marriage. Sex is not the main part in a relationship. It should be special, and some people want to wait until marriage. I would have no problem dating someone who was waiting until marriage.