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You can only be a member of the yahoo personnals by filling out a profile. This is a dating site. And you have to be a subscribed member in order to e-mail anybody. The icebreaker you send to somebody you fancy is free. Per instructions, yahoo personnals sends you a list of guys for possible matches. Enrollment to this site is not automatic. You have to fill out a public profile just like you did for this Q&A. Now for the Q and A in yahoo. You can e-mail anybody if their setting allows you. Conversely, anybody can e-mail you if your settings allow them. On the same page under the heading of your Q &A. On the botttom you have your public profile and besides that, is Edit my Info. Go to this page and under communications, check the box that allows other answerers to e-mail you. After that, is another box, if you want anybody to IM you. I didn t check this box and i still get IM from strangers. So, okay, I just sent you two e-mails using and another using ilovetohug Both failed , Apparently yahoo contended you have no acct,You have to have a viable ID and an e-mail address. Maybe that s where the problem is. Your e-mail address should have been listed on your public profile if you want people to e-mail you. I m new at this computer but I learned quite a bit on my own. Everytime you answer a question, you get 2 pts. And if you posed a question, it cost you 5 pts. By sending you an e-mail you don t get charged 2pts. I strongly suggest you obtain help from yahoo help and if you don t get the right answer, write to or to yahoo mail customer care. You ll find this info under the help section. Be patient. Keep on answering more questions so you ll advance faster and maybe your profile will improve.

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You say "you guys" and I think it really *would* be better for you to get some answers from Christian brothers, but in case this is the only thoughtful answer you get... (it happens sometimes) --edit-- I see, though, that you do have lots of good answers, but I ve been writing this for a while. ;) First, as long as your standards in appearance for a girl to date are not higher than your own appearance, you shouldn t have a lot of problems with your weight getting in the way. Yes, definitely exercise and get in shape, but don t feel hopeless. People of any level of attractiveness do find one another attractive, especially once they give themselves an opportunity to know one another. But don t be a hypocrite and ask to be accepted yourself if you re not also ready to give a heavier girl a chance. Second, you don t need to be comparing yourself to others at your part-time job. What s that? Comparing yourself with the world? There s nothing magical about having had sex. That s easy. Go to a bar and wait until both you and the girls there at closing time are too drunk to be sensible and you ll have a good chance of having sex. Whoop, whoop! You may not remember it, but still... When the time is right, God will bring the right person into your life. Set your heart on Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. Look what happened with Solomon. He asked God for wisdom to lead God s nation and God also gave him everything else he could want. When God gives you the desires of your heart, be careful that you don t focus on those joys and forget God as Solomon did, though. It happens, Bro, and there s NOTHING more important than your relationship with Him.

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All new members are vetted by an elite squad of professionals hired to check for potential scammers. True to its name, Elite Dating is a quality site, one that I enjoyed.