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Your risk of acquiring HPV of the anal canal is higher with anal sex and women who have been diagnosed with high grade cervical cell changes or CIN 3. Routine anal paps are still not the norm. I am not sure how an HPV dating site will help you other than put you in touch with other people that have HPV. People that have been diagnosed may know the emotions that occur when diagnosis. They are 40 genital HPV types. Right now specific HPV type testing’s is not routinely done. Most do not know what specific HPV type we carry.and many people carry more than one HPV type. Once our body builds immunity to an acquired HPV type we can t get that type again but we can acquire new HPV types with a new sex partner.

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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA—Hurricane Irma revealed a dugout canoe that had been resting on the bottom of the Indian River, according to a report by Orlando News 6 . Concerned citizen Randy Shots spotted the canoe among the storm debris and alerted officials at Florida’s Bureau of Archaeological Research, who will conserve the vessel. The cypress canoe weighs between 600 and 700 pounds. For more, go to “ Florida History Springs Forth.”

I just talked to Sgt. Darth ( great guy!) and he thinks that you should send me the money. That will make it easier, since I m in the US. Hard to believe, but people actually fall for these scams.

Hi Nancy,

I was wondering if you're still researching W.H. Applegett? My son and I have done some work on our family tree, and it includes W.H. Applegett. I believe we had only 1 child for him as well, William Goff. The tree is called Applegett Family Tree and it is a public tree.

I am curious about your research into William's life and descendants. My son and I have added quite a bit to the tree but there are plenty of holes. There also appears to be branches in Illinois and Iowa that we can't really connect.

I hope to hear from you.

Rick Applegett

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