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White Label Dating® is the world’s leading online dating provider. We help media brands, affiliates and entrepreneurs effortlessly create their own online dating site or network. You provide the brand. We take care of everything else.

We get a good return from dating and it works well for our listeners. We’re running a lot of brand extensions and a dating product is a key part of that. When someone tells a friend they met the person of their dreams on Smooth Singles, that’s great for us.

The alternative community was crying out for a bespoke dating site for years and White Label Dating helped us meet the demand. Bizarre Dating had a huge impact on the dating market and cemented Bizarre’s position as the number one ‘Alt’ brand in the UK.

I understand why you would like to do this, but trust me the biggest problem you will have will be getting members. ( NO one will join a dating site with no members, been there and bought the T shirt). Let alone the time it takes to moderate payments and members question if you manage to actually get any members. My advice to you is, visit this website and read check out the step by step tutorials on this site as well there very good if you just follow the steps one at a time. World Dating Partners provide free custom dating site for anybody they also populate each dating site with the type of members you want. WDP work on a proven revenue model called rev share, basically any new members that join your dating site they split the revenue 50/50 the more members that join the more % of revenue you get. I personally use WDP for my dating sites and usually generate 1-2 £k a month just for getting people to join and none of the boring hard work needed to run a few dating site. NO cost to you at all Dating sites filled with worldwide members of your choice NO hassle needed by you moderating dodgy members You get paid for all the new people that join your dating site or sites if you want to build more than one. Walk away when you want or get bored Give this guy a shout if you need more info, very helpful and will walk you through each step if you decide to give it a go.

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