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Dear Grr: You are dating a "Party Girl" and she is not going to change. Your best bet: Put the Green Jealous Monster Away and part ways. You are not going to change her and she is not going to change for a long time and probably when it is too late. The scenario for her life is a future alcoholic who doesn t know why and where her life went wrong because, "Hey Life is One Big Party", her excuse for cheating on You is because She is stinking drunk. Do You really want this girl to be the mother of Your children, do You want to spend the rest of Your life with this girl who is giving her body to any guy that comes along when she is stinking drunk? Her and her girls are beginning alcoholics and one by one will drift away into alcoholism, abuse, etc. Do You really want to go down this path with her? Lie after lie? If this girl really cared for You she would straighten, stop the partying, and do something more constructive with her life other than hanging out with her girls getting drunk and having sex with who knows and along with that, who knows what sexually transmittable disease she is going to end up with and You sure in the heck do not want someone else s sexually venereal transmitted disease.

To tell you the truth I am a little bit afraid of the party girl because I know she is not stable for a good relationship. Yeah, you can say that I am intimidated by a party girl and no matter how hot or pretty she is, most likely I will not want to go out with one for these reasons. When I look for a girlfriend I try to find the one that is down to earth and doesn t do the things that I hate. The party girl for some reason never interest me because I m afraid that those kind of girls will most likely cheat on me. I m highly sensitive about relationship issues and if she would prefer to party than hanging out with me, then I know for sure she is not my type. I want a serious relationship and no b.s. so when she is with me she must choose between being with me or leaving me to party.

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Hello my lovlies! First contact please do not call me I prefer text msg. Text msg it is the easy and fast way to contact me Who is ready to get their world rocked by a gorgeous,sensual woman who knows how to please each and every inch of you!

First off, congratulations, you ve grown up and taken a solid step towards a more mature future! Now, there s no real transition step to go from dating the party type to the young professional type. You simply seek out someone of that type that you are interested in and give it your best shot. I think the only real issue here is your being a bit intimidated. Chances are, you ll be looking at someone your own age and girls at your age are looking for the very same that you are - someone stable, mature, responsible and with whom they could have a real relationship. So start slow, and after getting to know a good girl who is interested in you too better, let her know what you re looking for. Don t hold onto your preconceived notions that young professional women are intimidating!

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