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-- for the most part no. It varies city to city. Most of the "free" dating website are free to register but you have to pay to send or read messages. Many of them send fakes messages trying to get people to pay thinking someone wants to meet them but are in fact fake accounts.

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This is part of a much bigger (and sometimes  controversial ) trend: content these days is appearing on social networks both organically, but also in the form of promoted, paid ads in order to get more visibility.

“Owned and earned content are not going away but the augmentation with paid is critical to success,” Ryan Holmes, the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, said in an interview. “The trend with the algorithmic ranking of content and what you see in your stream means it’s not the same world it was five years ago. Every social network and stream has filtration, so for brands to get their message across they need to have that paid component.”

Hey again, no its not worthless. Making money from ads on a website takes alot of visitors. I get about 500 visitors a day to one of my sites in less than a month (as I mentioned on your other question) and its a dating website, so I only make about $2.00 a day from it (My visitors are asians too and asian clicks dont make as much as american clicks). Its not worthless because 50 visits a day is a start, and you cant really expect to make much off them. It doesnt mean the website is worthless, thats normal not to make much off of 50 visits. It just means you need to get more visitors. What I think you should do is make soccer videos, maybe from pictures from Google and using Windows Movie Maker (free, you probably already have it on your computer if you have Windows). Just upload videos about soccer to youtube, then on the screen for the video, say something like "For more soccer videos, visit (your website here)". I get a lot of visitors by doing this method. Also, once you have enough visitors (like hundreds or thousands a day), you can get rid of the Google ads and start renting out spots to advertisers. What I mean is, you can find other soccer websites, and negotiate with them. Send them emails, explain how you have like 2,000 visitors a day and tell them they can put a banner on your website for like $1.00 a month. So basically you are renting the advertising space out to them. This way you dont have to rely on making money just from clicks. If you do this with 200 people for example, then you ll be making $200 a month. Now I have a dating site for example, and dating is such a cheap keyword, I dont make much when people click on google ads for dating on my site. So what I did, was I set up another website that is about making money online (actually I had this site before the dating site). And on my making money online website, I have google ads for making money, and I also have affiliate links. So what I did was put banners for THAT site, on my dating site. That way if somebody goes from my dating site to my make money site and clicks on an ad, I will get paid much more per click than if it were for dating ads. Soccer is not a high paying keyword, so you could set up a blog about some other subject that is popular that people might be interested in, and put banners to that site on your soccer site. Just a thought. Listen to Just Me, she knows what she is talking about. Affiliates may make you more than pay per click. She should get best answer for mentioning that.