Topics: Does any one know of a website that you put your personalized birth chart int and it shows you your best match?

Sections include Indian and Western astrology, palmistry, numerology, graphology and compatibility. Information and interactive readings. they have free natal charts but i dont about questions for the future

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No I don t but I knew someone who did and she was a Pisces

Hi dear. Your chart is STILL incorrectly calculated. You do NOT have Libra rising, or Venus on the 11th cusp, nor Moon in Scorpio, nor Moon in the 3rd house. Of course, if you WANT to think you are "doomed for motherhood" based on an incorrect chart. don t let me disillusion you. Some people are not happy unless there s a little tragic drama in their life, and if they have to make it up, then they have to make it up. Based on the wrong chart, he was right. kinda. Saturn associated with the 5th means that someone children create a burden. But that s not YOUR chart hon. Prove it to yourself. Go to this website. It is accurate. It is made by the people who created Solar Fire, which is one of the most-popular astrology software programs that professional astrologers use (I prefer Win*Star myself, but both give programs give the SAME chart): You will see in your chart, that Sun is just below the Western horizon, and that matches up. you were born after Sunrise, and that is exactly where Sun should be in your chart. If you had a Libra Ascendant, Sun would be above the Western horizon, and you shouldn t have Sun above the horizon in your chart. In Detroit, on May 3, the Sun sets at about 8:30. Always look for a certified astrologer. one who has been tested by any of the astrological community associations. AFA, NCGR, ISAR, etc. The community of professional astrologers has a vested interest in ensuring that astrology is promoted accurately. There are a lot of quacks out there, and you need to be cautious. So sorry he alarmed you. He must have punched in the wrong date or something, because this is not just a common mistake of not correcting for Daylight Saving Time. the Moon is about one week off in position.. maybe he put in the wrong year.

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I recommend site dating website based on astrology chart

Sections include Indian and Western astrology, palmistry, numerology, graphology and compatibility. Information and interactive readings.

Version 8.7 added the ability to determine the distinctive planetary signature for a family, workplace, or any other group of up to 300 people. The Group Signatures are in the same Planet Strengths bar graph form as you are presently able to generate for individuals, allowing you to compare and contrast an individual's energies to the energies of his or her family, workplace, or other group.

Version 8.6 added the ability to automatically draw upon separate interpretations depending on if the report is for a male or a female.

Version 8.4 let you click on the colored planet energy bars in the Planet Strengths bar graph in order to see all the aspects that contribute to those Harmonious and Inharmonious strengths.

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