Topics: The Most Common STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

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Sexually transmitted diseases are some of the most difficult diseases in the world to catch. You have to be up close and personal to spread them. Why, then, are STDs so common? Because people don t know how to treat , prevent , and avoid them. Or when they do, they often don t want to do so effectively.

What is an STD? An STD is any disease that is spread primarily by sexual contact. One partner transmits the disease-causing organism to the other partner during sex ( oral/ vaginal/ anal /etc.).

Not all diseases that affect the sex organs are considered STDs. Some are not at all related to sex. Other diseases are sexually-associated. Sexually-associated diseases aren t transmitted during sex. However, they may be associated with sex. For example, urinary tract infections aren t usually sexually transmitted, but irritation during intercourse can lead to one. 

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I m assuming you re talking about genital (as opposed to oral) herpes? Have you seen your doctor? He/she can prescribe medication (Valtrex) to help prevent outbreaks. As for future boyfriends, just be honest with them. Tell them that your ex gave you herpes, that you are being treated for it. Use condoms to reduce your chances of trasmitting the virus to the other person. You don t have to tell them on the 1st or 2nd date, but definitely bring it up before you sleep with him.

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Seventeen year old Abigail dreaded the moment she heard her phone ring.  “This is it” she thought.  With her heart in her throat she answered; it was the doctor’s office on the other end.  All she heard from the nurse was “positive.”  Everything else was a blur.  Just one night, too many drinks, and scarred for life.  Tuning back into the conversation, Abigail caught the tail end, “we need to get you into the office so we can discuss treatment.”  Abigail’s future was now infected with the STD, Genital Herpes.  One  decision, changed Abigail’s life forever. 

There are more than 20 types of STDs.  Some of the most common are Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea ("Clap"). About 3 million new cases of Chlamydia are reported each year, with adolescent women being the most commonly affected.  Other types of STDs include:

While there are a lot of great sites devoted to helping increase the awareness of STDs, MTV has done a phenomenal job on their IYSL (It's Your (Sex) Life) site.  Plus, kudos to MTV for launching the campaign "Get Yourself Tested" aka "GYT" to encourage STD testing.  The campaign is aimed at reducing the spread of STDs among young people.  Check out the MTV GYT site for more information: