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Julie Ferman is your award winning Los Angeles dating matchmaker. Register privately for free and avail date coaching and personal matchmaking services.

These are dating scams to steal your money. There is no lady and no translation service. There are three guys sitting in an internet cafe using stolen pictures of models trying to con people into sending money Think about it - why would anyone who doesn t speak Englisn and doesn t have a computer ever contact you to begin with? These type of scams have been reported for years "The Translation Scams, on the other hand, are pretty specific to Ukraine alone. This type of scam is based on the same idea - a young lady is looking for a soul mate abroad. Only this time, this lady supposedly does not speak English and does not have access to Internet at all, so she is using services of some “Translation Agency” or “Internet Agency” to help her with her correspondence. The scammers (who play both the lady and the translation agency) milk all men interested in correspondence with this lady for money for translation services for as long as possible." "What it is about: a Ukrainian girl initiates correspondence with you, sends you few letters (usually from 3 to 6) and then you receive a letter from a "translation agency" saying that the girl was paying them for translations, but her account is closed now, as she cannot afford paying anymore. If you wish to continue correspondence, now YOU pay. And give you details how to send them money via Western Union. This is always 100% scam. NEVER EVER pay for it. The "agency" and the "girl" are the same scammer. This scam is usually pulled by Ukrainian scammers from Lugansk. We almost never see Russians pull translation scams." "translation costs: it is number one scam in Ukraine, fake translation services, it is also called correspondence scam. Fake or even real agencies put fake or real profiles on dating websites and charge you money for translating the letters. 90% of all letters are written by agencies and girls have no idea how many men are writing to them, or girls know about the scam, by they really don t care because they are paid by the agencies" In fact if you google Ukrainian Translation Scam there are over 485,000 hits -- that s how common this scam is and how many times it s been reported Just remember, EVERY single time you meet someone online and you are asked to send money or gifts for ANY reason, it s a SCAM. There are NO exceptions to this

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People use dating services for a myriad of reasons I would assume. Some people may be too busy to go to bars, clubs, libraries, malls or wherever they would go to meet someone. A potentially interesting thought is that we in the younger generation tend to be ultimately skeptical and therefore hold on to finding someone not on the internet, but older people may be inclined to do so. My uncle claims it s the only way he can meet women.. trust me, he s right. He needs that buffer initially. I think you are also miscategorizing the online dating if you presume people only have e-relationships. Again, I have to use an example of my uncle. He likens the experience to looking for a new job. You get out there and decide you re ready for a change. You set up yourself to look the best you can (I guess that means write one hell of a profile). Then you "go fishing". You send 20 e-mails in hopes of receiving one in return. If someone replies it goes from there. E-mails can turn into phone calls, phone calls can turn into dinner and dinner could turn into eternity. So I don t think ANYONE really gets into online dating presuming they d never meet the person on the other end of the computer. I recently read an article about eHarmony promoting a service that will verify identities. If I read it right, one has to opt for eHarmony to run their info to see if they are who they say they are. I also believe they charged something for it. So it s a way for a person to potentially increase the likelihood of matches by having outside verification of who they are. However, there is no magic bullet. As with any transactions online, one must be careful. However, I hope that if people engage in meeting people or things like that from these websites, they would do enough talking to this person, google searching their name and soul searching before meeting someone. Another interesting question is how much responsibility should be put on the site to make sure people are safe? If you went to a bar and met someone completely crazy it seems likely you wouldn t sue the bar. Why is there an assumed security to the internet? In many ways going to the internet to date is like going to a bar, it s just facilitated by an outside company solely for that. Not like a bar where you ll encounter 21st birthdays, bachelor/ette parties and things of the like. 3 I m a proponent of personal responsibility, and this is just my opinion. Take it for what it s worth. probably nothing.

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Julie Ferman is your award winning Los Angeles dating matchmaker. Register privately for free and avail date coaching and personal matchmaking services.

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