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I seem to have a knack for finding obscure edge-case bugs in WordPress. #wordpress #oembed Dougal Campbell (@dougal) August 28, 2017

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It looks like you are running WordPress 2.6.5 on your blog. The latest version is 2.7.1. All versions prior to 2.7 are vulnerable to a HOST header XSS injection. I don t know if this is the way your Ghost of Iraq got in but it s possible. Even if it isn t, someone else could. You should upgrade WordPress as soon as you possibly can after every release they make because there are nearly always security patches in every WordPress release. This goes for WordPress plugins as well if you have any installed. They must be upgraded as soon as possible when a new version is released. It s good to see that you have quite recent versions of PHP and Apache. PHP in particular is another one that should be upgraded as soon as possible when they release a new version. The fact that he has altered the file rather than just the database suggests that he has shell access to your server. This means that even if you upgrade WordPress he will still have complete control over your server. There is most likely a PHP file on your server (possibly called r57.php, c99.php or shell.php but it could be anything.) that he can use to control your server. You can find this file by looking in your Apache web logs. You will be looking for a file that was accessed just before the site changed and preferably wasn t accessed at all before the site changed. These shell access files are often in a completely different language to the main site. Usually the primary language the hacker speaks. It might also help to look at all the IP addresses that ever looked at /wp-admin/ and then remove all of your own IP addresses from those. Then, look at every other file these IP addresses have looked at and I m sure you will find the shell access file. Another way to find the file may be to just list every file in your website and sort them by the date they were last modified. If he has shell access to your server, it is most likely that he will be able to find out what your password is. It isn t very likely that he has done this but since it is possible it would be wise to change your password and the passwords of any other users on the system including the root user. Once you have found the shell access file and deleted it (and maybe kept a copy for learning more about the hacker), upgraded Wordpress and all the plugins and changed all the passwords, you can help detect this sort of thing faster and recover from it much faster by installing Subversion or some similar version control system. Once you have installed Subversion, add your entire website to the repository and commit the changes. If any file on your website changes in the future or if any files are added or deleted, you will be able to find them easily by typing "svn status" on the command line. You will also be able to undo all of the changes by typing "svn revert" on the command line. You should also make regular backups of your database in case the hacker modifies that and it is worth adding your configuration files into subversion as well. After all this, if he manages to hack it again then you will have to try to figure out how he is doing it and fix that specific problem. Welcome to being a Sysadmin. Incidentally, I am a security auditor as a profession so if you want someone to help you with this sort of thing for a fee then feel free to contact me.

Someone with the right intentions and know-how may well be able to make their money back on those domains. It doesn t happen every day though.

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