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Selena Gomez looks happier and healthier than ever on the set of Woody Allen 's new movie. but that's understandable after her kidney transplant news.

Selena was seen back on set Thursday for Allen's new untitled flick, in which she has a role, and she was cheesin' wide after news broke she had gotten a kidney transplant earlier this summer.

The grin is probably coincidental, but in light of the announcement -- it also speaks volumes to how badly she needed the procedure to keep doing what she does best. entertaining the world.

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That is exactly what has triggered a maelstrom in the legal community with the decision of Justice Nordheimer in Jane Conte Professional Corp. v. Smith [2014] O.J. No. 5033.  He was considering an appeal of a decision of a judge of the Small Claims Court over a lawsuit by a lawyer for non-payment of fees.  The client challenged the retainer.

He stated that this section “refers to every question respecting the validity or effect of an agreement between a lawyer respecting the amount and manner of payment is to be determined by the court in which the legal work was done and, if the work was not done in any court, by the Superior Court of Justice. It is to be noted that the Small Claims Court is expressly excluded from this authority.”

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