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I think my sister is getting cones by vin deisal aka Mark snider. She is on instagram and commented on a com diesel post then got contacted her on a private msg.. they have been sending msg to each other. Now this person isvleadingbhervto believe that they might have a romances but needs her to sign some sort of confidentiality contract and she did. She swerved he has done live chat why her using hang outs. Anyone imo anything

This same guy Vincent Sinclair or Mark Vincent Sinclair found me on facebook. Lured me to google plus private chat room and was nice and friendly for one week. He said he was taking a vacation and was somewhere in Turkey. He claimed he needed my help he lost his credit card and needed $1000 ASAP. I said no and then he got angry and produced a fake photo ID of Vin Diesel. It went on and on into guilt trips, flattery, sarcasm, and finally I blocked him. I still have the chat on Google Plus but I am unable to transfer it to this site.

leslie compton on pof and other dating sites. claims to be rom us but had to move to Ghana. within 2 hours asking me to send money, cute blonde girl 30 stay away

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Facebook virus has been spread with the help of fake messages trying to convince victims that there is a video related to them spreading on this social network.