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From Museum of the Moving Image, The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2012. (accessed September 13, 2017).

"The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal is the ultimate indignity to the democratic process."
-Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson, 1956

"Television is no gimmick, and nobody will ever be elected to major office again without presenting themselves well on it."
-Television producer and Nixon campaign consultant Roger Ailes, 1968

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Subjects : science, social studies, mathematics, language arts.
Skills : knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation.
Strategies : computation, observation, forecasting, discussion, scientific inquiry.
Duration : 45 to 60 minutes.
Class Size : any.

In their study of dendrochronology, students use activity sheets and a discussion to: apply principles of dendrochronology to determine a tree's age and to recognize climatic variation; analyze and experience how archaeologists can sometimes use tree rings to date archaeological evidence and study past climates.

For the teacher, transparencies of the "Master Sequence," "The Stump," and "Be a Dendrochronologist" activity sheets. For students, scissors, glue, or Scotch tape, and a copy of "Be a Dendrochronologist" activity sheet. Optionally, slices of tree stumps or limbs.

Some of the most frequent questions we get are “Why does the other side need to know how much money I have in my bank account?” or “What difference does it make how much I have in my retirement account?” These questions are often a byproduct of confusion about the financial disclosure process in general, and the requirement of the Financial Declaration in Family Court, in particular. So, what is a financial declaration, and why do you have to complete one when going through a case in a South Carolina Family Court?

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Ancient history is the aggregate of past events [1] from the beginning of recorded human history and extending as far as the Early Middle Ages or the Postclassical Era. The span of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years, beginning with Sumerian Cuneiform script , the oldest discovered form of coherent writing from the protoliterate period around the 30th century BC. [2]

In India , ancient history includes the early period of the Middle Kingdoms , [9] [10] [11] and, in China , the time up to the Qin Dynasty. [12] [13]

Historians have two major avenues which they take to better understand the ancient world: archaeology and the study of source texts. Primary sources are those sources closest to the origin of the information or idea under study. [14] [15] Primary sources have been distinguished from secondary sources , which often cite, comment on, or build upon primary sources. [16]

Leaders in the Trenches conversations with leaders for leaders. We explore the thinking of today's entrepreneurs who are leading their market, their company, and their peers. Discover the fears they faced, the failures they navigated and the untold blood, sweat and tears story behind each of these successful leaders. Growing a business is a hard and dirty business and feels lonely at times, this podcast will guide you on your journey in the trenches of your business.