Topics: Brexit: Farmers who backed Leave now regret vote over.

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Farm workers in Scotland squirrelled away parts of the fuselage of Rudolf Hess’s plane after it crashed into a field during the Second World War, it has emerged, as the wreckage has been put up for sale.

Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man flew to Britain in a secret attempt to broker a peace deal in May 1941, but bailed out of the Messerschmitt he was piloting after getting dangerously low on fuel.

First on the scene was Dave McLean, the foreman at Floors Farm in Eaglesham, just south of Glasgow, who apprehended Hess and handed the injured Nazi, who did not reveal he was the Deputy Fuhrer, over to the police.

Many British farmers are experiencing ‘Regrexit’ over fears they may lose agricultural subsidies, the Earl of Sandwich has told Parliament. Speaking in.

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British households pay an extra £832 a year in grocery bills due to the huge EU subsidy system that is also depriving tens of thousands of African farmers of their livelihoods, a charity warns.

Everyday goods such as bread, milk, sugar and chicken are all more expensive because of the payments made to British and European farmers. At the same time, dumping of subsidised produce in African countries is forcing local producers out of business.

Claire Godfrey, trade policy adviser for Oxfam, said: "Not only does the Common Agricultural Policy hit European shoppers in their pockets but strikes a blow against the heart of development in places like Africa.

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was very wrong. Even veteran hunters who normally share their wisdom with others can benefit from keeping up to date with the newest equipment and hunting tactics. Take a moment to browse our deer hunting tips articles archive. Many hunters have learned these things the hard way, through trial and error, but with the help of the internet and informational sites, you have tons of knowledge right at your fingertips. By studying hunting tips in your spare time, you will be able to ‘do it right the first time’ when you are out there in the field. Keep an eye on this section, as we plan to fill it with some of the hunting tips and strategies our members have picked up over the years. If there’s an article you’d like to see us write, or one of your own you’d like to contribute, let us know in our deer hunting forums! We would love to have you join our club and share your own hunting tricks and tips. There are many advantages to hunting, besides the powerful economic benefits hunting is great outdoor recreation, and vital to successful wildlife management. A large and healthy wildlife population is a widely valued stock of communal interest in the welfare of farmers, landowners and foresters, across whose lands wild animals move for food and shelter. Deer have a voracious appetite and can change habitat more than any other animal. For many farmers, it entails an economic cost to have animals such as deer on their land, which damage their pastures, trees and hedge banks, forcing them to divert scarce resources for covering such damage. Hunting has high ecological value. With a high concentration of deer presence, the health of any forest area also is bound to suffer. The animals browse all vegetation within their reach and often create a browse line by consuming the entire vegetation layer near the forest floor. Even though it sounds harmless on the face of it, the fact is that it can seriously affect the long-term health of a forested system. Deer can consume/damage young trees to a point, where the composition of the forest undergoes a change over a period of time by destruction of entire plant communities. For a healthy environment, there has to be an interaction among organisms at all levels, whether plants, animals, insects or microbes. The eco-equilibrium can be upset, if even one link is missing at any stage that can lead to the elimination of certain species. A healthy forest system is home to numerous species of different types. For example, there may be a couple of hundred types of bees, scores of different butterfly, all of which require specific wildflowers during their lifecycles. Deer foraging can eliminate these flowers and make the bees and butterflies disappear along with countless bird species that spend entire lifetimes among ground vegetation within a few feet of the ground. Many environmentalists oppose Hunting, since they consider killing of animals for sport repulsive and a persisting remnant of barbaric human history. However, it remains true that most people opposed to hunting are well intentioned. Their point of view is paradoxical because with proper game management, hunting serves as an important tool for wildlife habitat protection. It is a well-recognized fact that without habitat, there can be no game. One of the most effective ways, to achieve ecological sustainability is through wild game management, which allows controlled/regulated hunting. The hunter’s part in conservation complements the state s environmental priorities that include conserving environmentally sensitive lands, providing citizens with continued outdoor recreation opportunities, as also being mindful of the best interests of the animals themselves. The sustainability of wild life population itself requires harvesting of specific species, to manage their numbers, and/or size/age in certain cases. For example, without harvesting deer, their population increases dramatically and many starve to death during winter due to lack of food, to sustain the overpopulated herds. Hunting is a more humane way to controlling their population and also for pushing them into areas that provide a healthier environment, conducive to their survival and sustenance. Overpopulation of these wild animals makes them stray onto farms, where they damage crops and onto highways leading to collisions with fast moving traffic, causing serious damage to life and property, in addition to causing environmental degradation. Today, sport hunting has evolved into one of the healthy ways of keeping animal population in check. Man initially hunted to provide food for the table. With passage of time, it branched out into hunting for sport, to include a display of man’s superior strength and skill over the strongest of wild animals. Hunting is regulated by rules and regulations set by the government. It is necessary for every hunter to abide by these rules. This is a great way for hun

Originally published by Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario in Ecological Farming in Ontario, Volume 36, Issue 5. While the research was conducted with farms in Ontario, much of the findings likely carry over to BC.

Over the last two years we have been leading a research project examining the growth and implications of farm internships and the experiences of these types of farm workers. Incredibly generous farmers, interns, and non-profit members have made our research possible by completing our surveys and taking time out of their busy days to patiently and thoughtfully answer our questions. This first, in a series of short articles, reports on some of our initial findings. We will explore further results and observations in subsequent pieces.

One of the key findings of our survey was the thin profit margin associated with ecological forms of agriculture production. We suggest that the use of interns and volunteers must be understood within this economic reality. Respondent farms reported an average annual gross farm revenue of $94,786. Perhaps more illustrative of the strained financial situation of the farms we surveyed is the personal net on-farm income that farmers drew from their revenues. On average respondents reported a personal on-farm income of only $13,629.