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I am so glad teachers have keyed into this. Here in NC people want the child labor laws changed to allow so-called children of farmers to work. Yeah, right. They are trying to undo child labor laws. Our society celebrates Labor day, thank goodness, but I do not think the majority realize what it means. Laws were passed so children did not have to work under hot, dangerous, horrible conditions, basically as slaves, in this country, so these laws were passed as well as laws that gave us other rights as workers (to form unions, for instance). Right now, in adult society there is a huge wave of people trying to cram their opinion down other s throats that unions have destroyed this nation. Along with that, they want child labor brought back I am sure. They want our children as young as 11 to working their summertime vacation businesses; they do not want to hire adults who will stand up for their rights. I have seen so much abuse here where I live of labor laws it is not funny. One potential employer asked me for my date of divorce. One said that the job was for men only (though they did not state it in their ad plus I can lift 50 lbs. as the job stated) but I was free to fill out an application and give them all my personal information, thank you very much even though they would not hire me. Another said , no we are looking for a younger woman. I am off for the summer from college..I am 50 and have gone back for an arts degree, I am a retired RN who has too bad of eye site right now to work as a nurse.I am appalled at the abuses of our workers. Please write a good essay and stress that children belong in school..and if they take summer jobs, it should be in the areas that are there now. You have no idea what folks are capable will be taken advantage of; spoken rudely to; have your rights trampled over and you will be blamed for it..etc. I know there are good folks out there but we have to protect or young ones. Otherwise, you will end up working in the heat, lifting huge loads, and dealing with harsh customers. For pennies basically.

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data of occupation on the hills of present day Rome is going back to the 10th century BC; the classic tale of Romulus and his brother Remus founding the city in 753 BC isn t something greater desirable than a beginning delusion, resembling the Athenian declare that its founders have been born from the floor. in spite of the story regarding the brothers being suckled by using a she wolf (admittedly the latter replaced into additionally a slang term for a whore) and growing to be up as shepherds to then found a city, human beings nevertheless contrive to view Roman prehistory specifically in a this way of way as to settle for the ridiculous without the merest hint of doubt springing up from common basic sense.