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An Illinois teen who police claim killed her deaf mother before setting her house on fire wrote a goodbye message on her Facebook page saying she had been.

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That s so crazy, cause reading this almost feels like i m reading something I wrote. I can completely understand where your coming from, i ve been with my bf over a year now and we ve had trust issues, and actually everything your going through right now is also currently happening to myself but only it s a bit different, cause i happen to be 4 months pregnant. It hurts it really does, but I learned that men are complicated just like girls. Sometimes they do stuff like that to prove themselves that they can still pull chicks, for entertainment. It sounds retarded but it s true, and like you said, at times they do it over anger.. i can honestly flirt with a guy right now, and it would feel nice, but it doesn t change my feelings for my bf and that s just how it is. And i guess that s just how i see it, cause deep down i know he d be no one with out me, you just have to remind yourself you have to be a women about it, Act mature, cause men hate when girl cry and whine and act like little girls over things like that. Number rule to be a women, never show anger and hurt towards a man. Show a stronger independent character from them. And they ll see

Members of the International Space Station (ISS) expedition 53/54, US astronauts Joseph Akaba (L) ,Mark Vande Hei (R) and Russia's cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin attend a sending-off ceremony in the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan

A resident pushes his cart as he wades a flooded main street in Manila after a tropical depression locally named "Maring", hit the eastern town of Mauban before moving northwest across the main island of Luzon and passing just beside Manila

Soldiers in Japan's Self-Defence Force prepare for a ceremony for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo

On the page fb dating a independent woman

An Illinois teen who police claim killed her deaf mother before setting her house on fire wrote a goodbye message on her Facebook page saying she had been.

im going thru this with a guy that is in his 20s.sad to say, I don t think hes interested. it sucks I know. if you want to message him you can..just a friendly "hi how u been?" message..but don t expect too much. kinda sucks when you feel like ur at least a friend to them and then they just drop you.. its like "what the cant just be friendly and at least ask me how im doing??" hmm. good luck tho. guys suck

wow im so sorry to hear that. i know your sad right now but give it time and dont give up on love. you will find someone to share the rest of your life with when you least axpect it. i believe thiere is someone out there for everyone. sometimes online dating doesnt work out sometimes it does. maybe take a break for awhile then try going out somewhere and meeting someone. couldnt hurt. keep your chin up everything will turn out ok.

Two people choking on the staircase screamed that there were five more people on the floor above. Could I live with the thought that saving two lives is better than taking the risk to go up and potentially save no one?

As always we were woken with a start: the lights came on and the automated Tannoy voice started shouting our call signs. Getting dressed I looked at the clock. I had lain down less than an hour ago. I headed down the pole to the trucks and was handed the call slip "Make pumps plenty". What? That's a big incident.

Approaching the tower we could see that this was a bad one. The sky was glowing and parts of the building were already starting to fall down. We received our brief: 23rd floor, people stuck in their flat. Go!