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A very well laid out “warning”article but para ako the best part of the article is the line stating :when our mom becomes old & gray she still will be living with us. Gusto ko marameng.
That Is a high degree of respect for parents that many societies & cultures are losing in today’s world specially in Western countries sadly.
packiuasap hang on to it no matter the influences from aboard and foreigners looking for pinay asawas.
Salamat po.

This is an ideal collection of Filipina attributes but of course not all Filipinas are the same. Those foreigners who ended up with marrying educated and independent Filipinas are of course much more happier. The challenge now is for those foreign men still seeking for a Filipina heart is to select wisely to avoid being sorry.

Filipina Sweetie, thanks for adding to the comments. Those who look to date filipinas really should choose for the right reasons. There is a book “A Long Way to Go For a Date”—the author was divorced and angry at western women and feminism. He chose to marry a young teenage filipina, straight out of highschool — who wasn’t ready to be a wife and partner, pouting and throwing tantrums—his choice ended up being a disaster. Yes, men, choose wisely or end up being sorry.

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Are you thinking about dating Philippines girls or marrying a Filipina? Here’s what you really need to know about Philippines women.

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I m filipina, but I think this question is biased. First of all, there are way better pics of Lee Hyori! I personally think it doesn t matter what race you re talking about some girls will be gorgeous and some will be alright. Both Filipinas and Koreans are beautiful in their own way.

This is not a dating site. You should never ask others to rate or contact you on this site simply for the chance at a relationship. This is not what Yahoo! Answers is for.

Like in any poor country the people have the dream of going somewhere else where they can earn money to help support themselves and their family.

Since Filipina women are usually pretty good with English they have more opportunities to work abroad than women from other countries in Asia do.

With the growth of the city over the last ten years they really needed to get new workers in and that is why you find so many Filipinas in Dubai now.