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how to talk to girls and built attractions and how to attract girl part02 - Duur: 7:40.

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how to talk to girls and built attractions and how to attract girl part02 - Duur: 7:40.

Hi, As a female you have to be more than cautious when using dating sites. I m the site administrator for a well-known site specialising in dating and singles in Spain and we actually see on a daily basis this type of message being posted amongst our members fairly frequently. The feeling I get from this particular guy is to stay clear or at least get to know him better before you commit to meeting him. This is generally good advice in the online dating industry. Most genuine people are secure enough to respect the space of others and to let things proceed naturally. Your initial instincts are probably right, so log back on and find somebody else. You ll probably be surprised with who you find. They re not all weirdos. Regards Ian H Site Administrator

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If you talk with one of our advocates, they may recommend keeping a journal as part of your  emotional safety plan , since journaling can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, gain perspective on a situation, and solve problems more effectively. But what exactly is journaling? The truth is that journaling can look different for everyone, and with so many options, it can seem really overwhelming to even know where to start. There’s really no right or wrong way to go about keeping a journal, but here are a few strategies you can try if you need some ideas to get you going!

We often hear from survivors that there is something they wish they could say to someone that they can’t— confronting their abuser , telling a loved one about the abuse, letting their ex know how they’re feeling after a breakup—and a journal can be a safe way to do that. Try writing a letter to that person in your journal, saying everything you wish you could tell them. You don’t need to send the letter or even show it to anyone, and sometimes destroying it by ripping it up into small pieces or safely burning it can feel cathartic.

Your bullet journal can also be a great way to get creative, and many bullet journalers produce colorful and elaborate layouts, often referred to as  spreads , to doodle or showcase their artistic talents. Creative hobbies can be a wonderful self-care behavior, so if artwork helps you relax, try incorporating it into your journal. If you aren’t the artistic type though, that’s totally fine—make your bullet journal whatever you need it to be.