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you ve an excellent time! in case you take excitement in mushy beverages, positioned money right into a soda card. ascertain flow to the teen mixers and activities, the place you re specific to fulfill some neat people to dangle out with on the pool and interior the teen club interior the evenings. flow see some shows and movies. study shuffleboard -- that is greater exciting which you will assume! Spend some time in a deck chair merely observing the water flow by employing. interior the eating room, attempt something you have in no way tried formerly (noticeably the chilled soups!). do not bypass dessert, and ascertain flow to the lifeless night buffet a minimum of as quickly as. Take gentle footwear -- a pair of flipflops for the pool, footwear for all the walking you would be doing, and something flat and form of dressy for evenings. you will want a blouse and shorts or coverup and shorts for the pool so which you would be able to get lunch or a burger or ice cream, or a soda from the bar close to the pool without changing. once you re on shore, look at each and every thing you could, and positioned across residing house a keepsake from each and each port --- even a pair of postcards or a t-blouse or key chain. in case you re a woman, get a bottle of the nail polish from Del Sol, which ameliorations colorings interior the sunlight! in case you re a guy, a blouse or visor from Del Sol would be neat! you do not ought to spend lots of money, yet you will need some money for on shore. save the on a regular basis courses for a deliver keepsake and shop them in a folder once you get residing house. lots of folk ask the waiter the 1st night for menu s, and that they are exciting for later, too. (Who is conscious -- you will get an extremely neat speech or record for college out of your holiday!) Take lots of photos, and remember your colors. some issues you ought to not do -- assuming you re a woman, fairly stay out of cabins that are actually not yours and don t invite any boys or men, no remember if group or passengers, into yours. And stay out of the on line casino -- they are going to easily throw you out besides. you need not hassle attempting to purchase a drink, through fact they re very, very careful approximately not serving minors. drugs can get you thrown off the deliver. especially, have relaxing! Your first cruise is a huge journey!

I don t know which line is best. But I ve heard one piece of advice many times: Whatever you do, fly/drive down the day before and get a hotel near your port. If any delays occur because of flight or traffic and you miss the boat, if you don t have the "insurance" for it, you are hosed!! Have a ball!!!!

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Coronado Springs is gorgeous - but then again it s Disney so I suppose they all are. Once you ve explored the resort you re staying at you can even take a bus to another resort on Disney property (first you d have to take a bus to one of the parks) and explore there too. The Grand Floridian is gorgeous to look at but it is one of the more expensive resorts. Take into the park the least amount of bags as you can because they search each bag through a security check point before entering each park. If you don t need a bag and your pockets are good enough then don t bring one! It will get your through the gate much quicker rather than standing in a long line to get your bag checked out. I just graduated from high school last year so our ages aren t too far away - and I grew up about 15 minutes from Disney (hence I ve been to the parks about a million and a half times, you know?) so if you have any specific questions email me.. I ve been on every ride, seen every show, walked around every resort. As for water parks at Disney Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are both awesome - you would have a good time going to either park. When around is the time you are planning the senior trip? If it s sometimes before I believe the end of April there is an event at Universal Studios which is a toned down version of New Orleans Mardi Gras - with concerts and a parade and things like that. If you happen to be in Orlando during that time make sure you go to Universal on the day of the concert and parade. Islands of Adventure is also well worth going to - even if it is in replace of one of the Disney parks - especially if you and your friends like roller coasters. Hope this helped!! If you have any questions feel free to email me or something :)