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The Piaggio Avanti Evo is an incredibly compelling aircraft with a unique design and amazing efficiency gains over equivalent jets, for very little compromise

The Piaggio Avanti Evo is an incredibly compelling aircraft with a unique design and amazing efficiency gains over equivalent turbofan and turbojet driven aircraft, for very little compromise

I f you think private jet (ie an aircraft driven by a turbofan or turbojet) when you think about a private plane, think again. The Avanti Evo is the latest twin turboprop aircraft from Italian manufacturer Piaggio, and its quirky styling matches its unique offering to business aircraft buyers.

Let's start with the extravagant styling: with unique twin "pusher" propellors, rear delta fins inspired by Eighties era Learjets and a pair of nose forewings, it breaks the mould of what a private plane is supposed to look and sound like. And with thousands of private jets in Europe, it really will stand out on the tarmac. The design isn't just for show, either.

Cristian Vega is a fictional character on the American daytime drama One Life to Live . The character was portrayed by Yorlin Madera from 1995 to 1998. David Fumero took over the role from June 26, 1998, until September 8, 2011.

The role originated and portrayed by Yorlin Madera from May 1995 to January 1998. [1] The role was recast with David Fumero , who stepped into the role on June 26, 1998 until October 28, 2003; and briefly between November 5, 2004 to February 14, 2005, before returning again in September 1, 2005, playing the role until September 8, 2011. [1]

Cristian is introduced as the teenage son of Carlotta Vega , Dorian Lord 's maid and confidante. Cristian's first love is newspaper heiress Jessica Buchanan. It was puppy love at first sight when they first met at a party in Angel Square. Despite their differences and their parents disapproval, Jessica and Cristian continued a relationship. However, everything changed when Will Rappaport and Roseanne Delgado came to town.

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Kikini is a new dating site with a social network type communication style (flirts and comments in a newsfeed, direct messages by invite only). It s a 100% free. OkCupid is a freemium (free to join and communicate, but some features require a monthly fee) dating site with a bunch of quizzes on it. Datehookup is a traditional personals type dating site that s free.

My journey west took in the B5105, a road that I can only describe as the Evo triangle's fluffer. Through the dappled sunlight I sat back and let this lovely road prepare me for what lay ahead. I blissfully cruised towards my destination and could already feel that today was going to be a good day. Needless to say, I arrived suitably alert and ready for action! A quick splash from the petrol station in Cerrigydrudion and I was ready.

If it's good enough for Evo, it's good enough for anyone. Expect an absorbing and quite technical road in places, with minimal traffic and stunning Welsh countryside (and sheep). Forget the Bermuda triangle, the Evo triangle is where it's at and as you're not going anywhere you won't mind getting lost.

What a ride! Went there on a Sunday and there was hardly any traffic, just a tractor and a couple in a beat-up camper. Resist the urge to cross the lines because there WILL be bikers coming the other way who might be having a similar idea. I almost regretted ignoring the road signs that said "new surface - 20mph". Drifting is an acquired taste and one only enjoyed when you are expecting it and intending to do it. As it was I resisted the urge to brake, which would have sent me into the looming trees, and surged out in a cloud of dust and gravel. Great roads, great views, great day out.

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After a misunderstanding, Jessica ended up drunk and slept with Will and became pregnant. Cristian proposed to her and they planned to move to New York City to raise.

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