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The conflict of Dien Bien Phu grew to become into the climactic conflict of the 1st Indochina warfare between French Union forces of the French a ways East Expeditionary Corps, and Vietnamese Viet Minh communist present day forces. The conflict befell between March and could 195a87ff679a2f3e71d9181a67b7542122c, and culminated in a brilliant French defeat that effectively ended the warfare. Dien Bien Phu grew to become into "the 1st time that a non-eu colonial independence stream had greater by way of each and all of the stages from guerrilla bands to a conventionally prepared and geared up military in a position to defeat a renowned Western occupier in pitched conflict."[4] as a effect of errors interior the French determination making technique, the French undertook to create an air-offered base at Dien Bien Phu, deep interior the hills of Vietnam. Its purpose grew to become into to decrease off Viet Minh grant traces into the neighboring French protectorate of Laos, on the comparable time drawing the Viet Minh right into a conflict that could desire to cripple them. relatively, the Viet Minh, decrease than universal Vo Nguyen Giap, surrounded and besieged the French, who have been ignorant of the Viet Minh s possession of heavy artillery (which includes anti-plane weapons) and their skill to go such weapons to the mountain crests overlooking the French encampment. The Viet Minh occupied the highlands around Dien Bien Phu, and have been in a position to fireside down wisely onto French positions. Tenacious scuffling with on the floor ensued, comparable to the ditch war of international warfare I. The French persistently repulsed Viet Minh assaults on their positions. supplies and reinforcements have been further with the help of air, even nevertheless because of the fact the French positions have been overrun and the anti-plane fire took its toll, fewer and much less of those supplies reached them. After a 2 month siege, the garrison grew to become into overrun and maximum French surrendered. inspite of the shortcoming of maximum of their terrific squaddies, the Viet Minh marshalled their final forces and pursued those French who did flee into the desolate tract, routing them and ending the conflict. shortly after the conflict, the warfare ended with the 195a87ff679a2f3e71d9181a67b7542122c Geneva accords, decrease than which France agreed to withdraw from its former Indochinese colonies. The accords partitioned the rustic in 2; scuffling with later resumed, between rival Vietnamese forces, in 1959 with the Vietnam warfare (2d Indochina warfare).

Good morning Marcus, I hope you are having a great summer. I just got back from my morning walk at Venice Beach. I like to share with people especially when I talk about Vietnam. Oh boy, Marcus, do you take me back a long way. I was drafted in 67’. I was stationed as an Intelligence NCO for an elite Assault Helicopter (a division of the 101st Airborne) Company deep in the Mekong Delta right near the Cambodia border during Tet 68’. I had access to old secret files dating back to 58’. I read hundreds of documents and files in my safe referring to operations in Cambodia-Laos. I would have to write a book on what you are referring to. Let me start by saying “yes” to your question. The United States had marines and CIA Special Forces in Cambodia and Laos then and also during the whole Vietnam War. The cold war military conflict started around 1950. It was also called the “Containment Policy” through military, economic, and diplomatic strategies to stop the spread of Communism. After the French were defeated in the first Indochina War of 54’, Vietnam was divided along the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone or the 17th Parallel. The Geneva Accords of 54’ called for free elections the following year for all of Vietnam. The Eisenhower Administration knowing that the communist party of Ho Chi Minh would overwhelmingly win the elections backed another party which kept Vietnam divided. The Eisenhower Administration adopted the “Domino Theory”. This was the actual beginnings of which led to the Vietnam War. As early as 59’, the North Vietnamese started using the Ho Chi Minh trail to supply North Vietnamese troops in the south. From my readings, I believe there were CIA Special Forces and secret bombing raids into Cambodia-Laos as early as 1956. My outfit had many secret operations into Cambodia. The secret operations were called by many names. Even today, there are thousands of unexploded bombs and land mines in Cambodia-Laos. Most of these secret operations were about training Laotian and Cambodian troops to fight North Vietnamese troops traveling down the Ho Chi Minh trail, supplying arms, and yes drugs through Air America. Please read all the web sites. I am sure your grandfather was in Cambodia-Laos otherwise he would not have known about the secret operations. I wish I could be more helpful, but again, I would have to write a book. I suggest you read the web sites I provided and do your own research if you wish to go into the subject deeper. You will have to read between the lines and put two (2) and two (2) together. Good luck. You and your family have a beautiful week. Peace, from Los Angeles.

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