Topics: where can i find a FREE jewish online dating site?

The War Report Podcast 9/12/17 - Duur: 1:01:16.

The War Report Podcast 9/12/17 - Duur: 1:01:16.

Yes there is an online dating site that is free. It is or you can just type in and get to the same place. There is never any fee unless you decide to pay a fee to be a "serious dater" but most people dont do that. There is free IM and free email so communication is no problem. I have used this site as well as many others and this is where I met the lady in my life. We started dating in April and she moved in with me in July. I highly recommend POF.

I m pretty sure you won t find that. It s a specialty niche with big dollars flowing around, ad revenue won t support that business model. You ll probably have to pay subscription fees. Sorry.

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