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No you didn t. You got an email from a scammer working with your friend who is also a scammer trying to con you into sending money If you are not the patient s spouse or parent it would be illegal for any doctor to contact you. That s how you know this is fake. Eko Hospital is a specialist hospital for diabetes and endocrinology, they do not treat anything else. I can guarantee when you call them there will be NO Dr Apayo Oyo working there and that there is NO patient with your friend s name Every Nigerian romance scammer claims to be in the hospital and a doctor wants you to send money. There are thousands of reported scams where the patient claims to be in Eko Hospital

It s a scam. She is not coming to visit you - on Wednesday there will be some problem. Either she ll claim she couldn t get on the flight because she needs to show a BTA - a term only used by Nigerian scammers. Or you ll get a call or email from a "doctor" saying she was in a bad accident or carjacked on the way to the airport and she needs money for emergency surgery. Or she ll claim she was robbed and the hotel won t give her the passport back until she pays her bill, which she can t as she has no money. Trust me - there will be a request for money Considering the State Department has had a travel warning for all but non-essential travel to Nigeria for the past few months because of the ongoing violence and terrorist attacks by a Muslim group, there is no way some single American woman went to Nigeria for work. Most companies evacuated their staff months ago I bet she wanted you to start communicating through IM instead of the dating site right away. I bet she told you her full name and life story after just a few days. I bet she started calling you pet names like Dear, Honey, Sweetheart, Darling, etc after less than a week. I bet she claimed to be falling for you in less than 2 weeks. I bet she won t Skype with you and has excuses why she can t - even though almost every internet cafe in Nigeria has webcams for Skype. These are all signs of a scam. No real woman on a dating site would give her real name to any man she has not met in person because of all of the perverts and psychos on dating sites - a real woman would have no way to know you weren t a scammer or a psycho. A real woman is never going to start using terms of endearment with a man she s never met in person or claim to love him. You haven t been gullible enough to give this person your full name, home address, birthdate or other personal info, have you? If so you are in serious danger of identity theft. You never ever ever give any personal info to anyone you meet online until you have met in person and verify that person is who they claim to be. Until then they never need anything more than your first name and general location or occupation. Just google Nigeria romance scam - there are over 1.5 million hits -- that s how common these scams are on dating sites. An estimated 40% of all dating site profiles are fake

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