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Gale Morgan Harold III (born July 10, 1969) is an American actor known for his leading and recurring roles on Queer as Folk , Deadwood , Desperate Housewives , Grey's Anatomy , The Secret Circle and Defiance . He played the leading man in the indie hit film Falling for Grace .

Harold was born in Atlanta , Georgia. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent. Because Harold's parents were devout Pentecostals , he had strict religious upbringing. At age 15, he left the church.

Following graduation from The Lovett School , Harold attended American University in Washington, DC , on a soccer scholarship. He began a Liberal Arts degree in romance literature, departing after a few months and moved to San Francisco, California to study photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. He worked a variety of jobs including construction, bartender, waiter, and apprentice motorcycle mechanic and restorer.

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Seems Gale Harold's fans don't have anything better to do than crap all over his former QAF cast mates? But Harold hasn't done anything seen by the general public for years, and still refuses to be approachable to his fans despite having a lot of time on his hands. So I guess all there is to do is criticize others, cause heaven forbid anyone should call Gale on his shit.

Randy is the only one of the main actors going to the convention in Toronto. Otherwise it's all the second players. Not even Peter or Bobby Gant are going to be there. I heard this is going to be the last one that Elke will be doing.

I find it interesting, well, odd actually, that when QAF was airing and they had a convention in Toronto during the first season neither Gale or Randy attended. Yet since then they've traveled to different countries to attend these conventions.