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Kristian & Zoe (2015)
We met through Soulmates four years ago. Although we're both based in London, the chances of us meeting by other means were slim.We just got married! Zoe is the most wonderful woman I've ever met, and I know we are going to have an extremely happy life together.

Laura & Phil (2014)
Phil and I got married just over a year after we met on my first ever internet date through Guardian Soulmates. We've been recommending the site to friends ever since. Thank you! (Photography credit to Michael O'Sullivan) 

Robin & Alec (2016)
I just wanted to let you know that you have another success story! My boyfriend, who I met via your site about two years ago, just proposed and we are getting married next year. THANK YOU!

yep you right Scam,..

it s a SCAM There is no doctor and your "special person" is a romance scammer. Sorry to be harsh but this same scam is played out every day on online dating sites and is nothing but a scam to get you to send money. If you are not the spouse, legal guardian or parent of a patient, no doctor is legally allowed to contact you about a patient s condition. They can only speak to immediate family and if they can t be found, law enforcement or that person s embassy if they are foreign. So any "doctor" who contacted you by phone or email has to be a scam if you are not immediate family. If this were real, the doctor would have called the Embassy and the Embassy woud have contacted you. But medical professionals cannot contact friends or even fiances about a patient. If this person you have been talking to pretends to be a foreigner in Ghana, the ONLY people you should ever contact is their country s High Commission/Embassy in Ghana and let them look into this for you. If this person really exists and is in hospital, the embassy would have him registered there, and would have been informed by the hospital immediately after he was admitted. If they have no record of this person, you are definitely being scammed If the "doctor" calls you again, tell him that you have been in touch with the embassy/high commission who will be contacting him shortly and sending a representative to the hospital to check on the patient. DO NOT send money for any reason. No matter how urgent the situation sounds, if this person were really in hospital or needed money the embassy would help them out. You never send money to anyone in a foreign country If you have ever sent money to this person, you are the victim of fraud. You need to contact Action Fraud about this and just hope you have never sent this person enough personal information (full name, home address, birthdate, employer name, bank name, etc) to become the victim of identity theft

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