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The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas.

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The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas.

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1st month at £4.99 cost £80.00. Watch out for the automatic renewal after the free trial. They can't refund a few days after the payment taken. Why not? This is after I closed down my account with them online or so I thought. I was promised £40.00 refund but this has never happened. Phoning the 3rd time after obtaining a copy of my credit statement to send on as proof of payment as requested. The customer service person after a few words, just hung up.

I have tried to cancel my membership three times, will not do it. They are a complete scam. I highly recommend you do not join. They will not let you pay as you go. They require that you give them a credit card and auto debit your account. Not to mention that I never talked to anyone that I was the least bit interested in. It is nothing more than a hookup site, as I said a complete scam.

Auto renewal is automatically turned on. When you notify them you did NOT want to be charged they refuse to delete the charge even after only TWO days since the charge posted. The renewal rate is almost TWICE the original rate!!! This is a VERY bad business model and the consumers suffer this rampant abuse.

Juvenile Detention Again, I ve never been there, but I have picked up a few things here and there. 1. Booking procedures vary, but the basics involve a quick (1 minute) interview with a nurse to screen for suicide or other medical emergencies, a pat-down search (metal detectors may be used), surrender and inventory of personal property (purse, wallet, watch, cell phone, etc.), fingerprinting, mug shots, interview to get basic information (name, address, date of birth, next of kin, etc.), strip search, shower, issuing of clothing and bedding, assignment to housing (another interview may be involved to determine gang affiliation, sexuality, age, etc. so that similar people are housed together). Strip search is very similar to an adult strip search, except group strip searches are rare are local juvenile detention facilities (may occur in youth prisons, which are a different deal). Strip search procedures also vary, but for a female might run like this: "Hand each item of clothing to me as I call it". Each item is inventoried and stored as it is called out. Any contraband found is logged. The body search is hands off-the inmate displays various body parts as instructed, a flashlight may be used to peer into dark places. "Bend forward and shake your hair out (clips, ties, weaves, etc. will be removed). Comb your fingers through your hair. Put your hair back and tilt your head back (looks up nose). Look at me now, and open your mouth. Stick out your tongue. Put your tongue up to the roof of your mouth. Pull your gums away from your teeth with your fingers like this. Turn your head to the side (looks in ear). Fold your ear forward so I can look behind it. Turn the other way. Fold your ear forward. Look at me again. Put your arms up high (checks armpits for contraband). Now, hold out your hands toward me. Spread your fingers. Turn them over, palms up. Lift up your breasts (looks underneath). Lift up your fat rolls (if obese). Let me look into your belly button. Turn around, spread your legs wide. Bend over. Reach back and spread your butt cheeks (looks at anus). Use your fingers and spread your pussy lips (examines vaginal area). Stand up, put your hands on the wall, stand on one leg, show me the sole of your foot. Wiggle your toes. Stand on your other foot, show me the sole. Wiggle your toes. Go shower." 2. Unless it is a youth prison, or the new inmate is disruptive or needs special protection from other inmates, no segregation. Some places segregate for up to 48 hours upon intake. 3. Uniforms vary, but are usually like adult or two-piece suits similar to surgical scrubs. Often ill fitting. Underwear is usually issued (granny panties, bras are never underwire), a few facilities allow the prisoner to bring in their own underwear if it meets regulations. 4. Facilities vary, and there may be single cells, double cells, pods of about a dozen or two inmates, or a larger dormitory in the same facility. All living quarters will have access to a toilet, one to each cell, a few to each pod or dormitory. There are beds, usually a desk, something to sit on. Many juvenile facilities look like university dorms (minus creature comforts like sound systems and computers), except that the doors to the rooms lock from the outside (so unruly inmates can be locked in their rooms). 5. See above, varies with facility. 6. Varies.cells will usually have a day room outside the cells with benches, tables, and a TV. There are usually classrooms, kitchens, shower/hygiene areas, something like a gym for physical education (may be rudimentary in some facilities), sometimes a rec room with foosball and such for inmates who have earned the privilege of using it. 7. Ranges considerably, from kids caught tagging who violated probation to kids who have stolen cars to kids selling a few dollars of drugs in school, to hardened gang members who have murdered someone. The worst types are just being held temporarily before they are shipped off to youth prison. There may be an effort to segregate kids based on risk level (minimum, medium, maximum). 8. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes classrooms are co-ed, rarely is anything else mixed sex. Basically no mixed-sex socializing of any sort.many facilities literally have a wall down the middle separating girls and boys, who never see each other. 9. Also varies, could look like this: 7am, breakfast, get medication, clean up, personal hygiene 8am, school 9am, group programs (how to not be a criminal) 10am, school 11am, lunch 12 noon, gym 1pm, school (2 hours) 3pm, group presentation 4pm, dinner 5pm, homework (2 hours) 7pm, showers 8pm, snack/recreation 9pm, lights out 10, see above. 11, see above. 12. No smoking, no fighting, no swearing, no talking in cell, no writing on walls, beds must be made, etc. 13. Typical punishments might be 1-15 days in isolation (solitary), no radio, TV or contact visits for up to 30 days, 1 hour extra work (cleaning, etc.) every day for up to 14 days, etc. Depends on the offense. Very serious offenses result in criminal charges and possibly additional time or even sent to youth prison. 14. More like what CAN you take in.perhaps some clothing, magazines.not much more than that. 15. See above. 16. Visits 1-3 times a week (depends on facility), family only, sometimes other adults with approval, no one under 18 may visit except infants held by parents. Visits may be contact (you can hug once or twice, maybe hold hands) or non-contact (separated by a glass barrier, talking through a small hole or grille or by phone or visitation by video), depends on facility (some have both contact and non-contact). 17. Essentially, paper, books, toiletries, clothing, bedding. Things like pens or pencils can be used as weapons, and used only in a classroom (not permitted in housing). Snacks if permitted (but not in room). 18. Varies, at least 5 x 7 for an individual cell, usually slightly larger, much larger for a dormitory.