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Absolutely nothing is wrong with your channel. In fact, you have got some entertaining videos, especially your "movie reviews". Therefore, let me give you some of my best advice: There are a few things you should be aware of when labelling your videos: "tags" are only the 3rd most important component when it comes to YouTube s search results. Words in the title are 1st, and words in the descriptions are 2nd. And in front of all those characteristics is your YouTube username. Thus, tags are actually in 4th place, and as such are the least important element in any search. [ Whenever you do a search, how often do you find videos at the very top of the search-results with no matching words in the username, titles or descriptions? Probably never. If you ever do come across results like that with no matches at all, that s the only time when "tags" actually are relevant in a search.] Thus if you would like your videos to appear at the top of search results, input your username first and then the title of the video, or the most unique words of your video titles -- for example: SAMTHERETARD SHAKE IT. As such, it would help greatly if your YouTube username was A) short, B) easy to remember, C) relatively common-sounding, and D) without any convoluted spelling or multiple words -- as an example: Fred, Smosh, Nigahiga, Lisanova, Kevjumba, Happyslip, etc. If you do not want your username being part of the search (maybe because people don t know it), and you want your videos near to the top of the search results, then make your video titles and the descriptions as long as you can using plenty of "buzz" words. If for some reason you are one of the people who are really fascinated with "tags", include them in your titles. Unfortunately, having the following "uncommon" words in your video titles will not help you a lot: photofinnish, gabby, yvette, bellybotton, sloane, gangstaz, sam, etc. If you d like more YouTubers to "find" your vids by accident, there are a few other things which you can do -- but first have a pencil, paper and a calculator beside you. While your videos are "on screen", run through the "Related Videos" section and find the ones with lots of views. Click on those videos to find their date -- then figure out their true popularity using the formula: "Views" divided by "Number of Months on YouTube". Once you have finally determined which of those videos are the most popular, make note of their titles, descriptions, (even their "tags") and then try to do the same or similar with your videos. That way, your vids should become even more "related" to theirs; and whenever people watch any of those other videos, your own videos will appear much more often and higher up in their "Related Videos" section. Another thing you can consider is while you re on those other videos, click their "Statistics & Data" to note which sites actually link to them. You can then try and do the same, or likewise, with yours. If you really want to be a snot, you can post a "video response" to those most popular videos, but be warned:.YOU WILL BE HATED by the people who created those videos and by many YouTubers who can t stand amateurs inflicting their videos above everyone s video comments on every single page. Many of us will definitely consider you a "spammer". (I myself will never click on a "vidresp".) However, if you were to add the "uploaders" as "friends", not only might they be a bunch more forgiving, you could also benefit further in yet 2 more additional ways: A) they could potentially become very interested in you and your videos, thus becoming a great source of promotion for you; B) your "profile pic" will be shown on their channel. As such, it is always good to have an interesting or attractive YouTube "avatar". For my final piece of constructive advice: if you turn on "active sharing" while you are watching YouTube videos, your username will always be seen across hundreds of computer screens as "currently watching this video". In all likelihood, many people watching those very same videos may wonder if the 2 of you also have the same interests and thus may click your username to check out your channel. I hope that my information has been somewhat helpful to you.

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