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Weekly Idol ( Hangul : 주간 아이돌 ; RR : Jugan Aidol ) is a South Korean variety show , which airs Wednesdays, 6PM KST, on MBC Every1 , MBC 's cable and satellite network for comedy and variety shows. The show is hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong-don and rapper Defconn. The set is often referred to as B3 (basement level 3).

The main segment of the show, called "Idol of the Week" ( Korean : 금주의 아이돌 ), features idol groups as the invited guests, and usually consists of several featured corners, whose presence vary from episode to episode:

During these corners, the talk is usually held without too much formality. An annual year-closing episode, Weekly Idol Award , started on December 31, 2011. In this episode, the hosts usually review the corners and the appearances from the guests that were featured in the latest year.

(Author’s note: HIIII. : This is my first smut and fanfic in a long long long long time. So please be kind! I would really really appreciate feedbacks though! Ilhoon has been my ultimate biased for awhile and in celebration of their upcoming comeback, I knew I had to do this! Furthermore since there’s an awful shortage of story about btob. The boys need more love!!!! :( So yeap, this is pretty much based on a true story, ugh. Enjoy ! – oh, and there will probably be 1 or 2 more parts to this!)

‘Left. Left. Left. Right. Right. Left. Oooooh. He’s cute, AND has a sense of humour. Right for sure! Yesssssss. It’s a match.’ It has been two months since I had broken up with my boyfriend. Life has been pretty mundane but I thank God for the genius of online dating sites. Meaningless hook ups, strange people with even stranger pick up lines have been the foundation of my existence ever since.

I have always been a goody-two-shoes with stellar grades and my friends think I had lost my mind when I started sleeping around. But who can blame me? Getting out of a 4 years relationship with my high school sweetheart Park Jimin has not been easy, furthermore since I had spent my entire teenage life with him. I was suffering from both an existential AND identity crisis.

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Ilhoon never imagined that he would meet her one day, but he did. He met her, and he will never forget it as long as he's alive - maybe not even after death.

MBC’ s Star Gazing recently aired their special ‘Foreigners Who Love Girl Groups’ which featured SISTAR and 4minute ‘s HyunA  as their special guests along with international fans.

The visual member of BtoB, Yook SungJae, may have been born with certain privileges, but he’s one of the most honest and humble idol there ever was.

Yook SungJae is a multi-talented K-Pop star who not only excels in singing, but also acting, modeling, and being the cutest boyfriend. Even through his remarkable resume and an impressive family background, the idol never boasts a single word. Take a moment to learn from and be inspired from the one and only Yook SungJae!

Now, K-POP MAP will tell you ideal types that your bias has revealed. For global fans of K-POP, IDEAL TYPES of K-IDOL have been searched and piled up. Let’s see who revealed ideal type.

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[Eunkwang & Peniel] Difference of about 5 years? I hope to meet someone who can lead me.
[Minhyuk] Difference of 10 years?
[Hyunsik] The age difference does not matter!
[Ilhoon] Does not think too much about the age, but i hope to meet someone who can lead me.
[Sungjae] If she is older than me by 3/4 years she will be of the same age as me sister so it will be a littke„, (laughs)

Someone who does not contact you often?
I accept Changseob, Ilhoon
I dont accept Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, Peniel, Sungjae

[Changseob] Because this is how I am haha!
[Eunkwang] I wont be able to feel the love…
[Hyunsik] if she likes me she would contact me often right?
[Peniel] if she is my girlfriend I hope that we would be able to contact each other often.
[Sungjae] I dont like the relationship to be filled with anxiety, so I hope that she would contact me.