Topics: Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide

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well your probably going to have a title page to start. That just has your name and the professors name the class name and the date. You can google it and it will show you an example. Then you start with an introduction which is basically a paragraph of what your paper is about in a nutshell. Many people write their introductions last because of their new knowledge of the topic after all the research. Then you have the body of your paper. The body is where your research is going to come in handy. You have to write paragraphs with information you fond from credible sources. At the end of each of those paragraphs you need to site your source with the authors last name in parenthesis followed by a period. Then you write your conclusion which is basically a general idea your papers main points. Then you will need a bibliography. For this i would recommend going to and fill in the information. Then you put all of your sources in alphabetical order and your done