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Jewish Autonomous Oblast Еврейская автономная область (Russian) — Autonomous oblast —

Surnames are means of "positioning" a person who would normally only be known to the World at large by a first name. Surnames fall into different categories: those which refer back to a forebear s first name (your Roberts is one of those), those which place someone geographically (Wood, Marsh and many others, not all so obvious, Hurst, for example refers to a small hill with a clump of trees on top and is Saxon in origin) then there is a large body of names relating to trades (Smith, Cartwright, Sawyer, etc. etc.) Lindsey might well be one of this latter kind being related to textiles. Try googling, Wikipedia has a good article already quoted verbatim by a previous answerer (an acknowlegement would have been nice!) Good luck!

This seems like one of those "gotcha" questions. The left s irresponsibility has put the GOP in a rather tough spot. Plus, it s not like the Catholic Church really cares about human life, given all of the "heretics" they ve eradicated. My position is that the Catholic Church intends to use their power to force people to accept the way their progressive agenda. What? No progressive Catholics? What do you call Nancy Pelosi? I don t trust the GOP, the DNC or the Catholic Church. It seems that we must be forced to obey all three. The Republican Party is on it s last leg, if Mitt Romney is the best candidate they can come up with.

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Jewish Autonomous Oblast Еврейская автономная область (Russian) — Autonomous oblast —

By 2010, according to data provided by the Russian Census Bureau, there were only 1,628 people of Jewish descent remaining in the JAO (less than 1% of the population), while ethnic Russians made up 92.7% of the JAO population. [16]

The territory has a monsoonal / anti-cyclonic climate , with warm, wet, humid summers due to the influence of the East Asian monsoon; and cold, dry, windy conditions prevailing in the winter months courtesy of the Siberian high-pressure system.

In 1858, the northern bank of the Amur River , including the territory of today's Jewish Autonomous Oblast, became incorporated into the Russian Empire pursuant to the Treaty of Aigun and Convention of Peking.

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I have heard this before. Part of it was in the Tom Hanks movie. I forget the title. There were two movies about it. There are many theories. One is that Jesus never existed at all. The second is the standard believe that Jesus came to fulfill the scriptures, died, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. That is Catholic and Christian belief. There is also the belief that Jesus was a prophet but not the Messiah. I think that may be a belief in Islam, Sunni or Shiite but I am not sure. There are some in the Jewish community that acknowledged the he existed and recognize him as a prophet but do not believe he is the Messiah as that is a Christian belief. Churches that claim to be Christian remain divided. Some Christian churches claim that the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian at all. They feel insulted by the Catholic designation of these churches as Protestant. Usually a Catholic will call another non Catholic Christian a Protestant but that person considers themselves to be Christian and they do not consider the Catholic person to be a Christian. I was raised Catholic and I can remember going to a Catholic mass with two Iranian, Shiite Muslims. They enjoyed the mass and they had been to many of the places mentioned in the scripture readings. I find your citations of this interesting. I would say that the belief of Jesus as a prophet may not be as limited and in fact may be more prevalent among Muslims than you think. But my knowledge of this comes from knowing Muslim friends, mostly Shiite Muslims rather than academic citations. There is also a movie called the Last Temptation of Christ that is more of a dream sequence in which Satan tempts Jesus to renounce his mission and tempts him with the possibility of loving Mary Magdalene and having children and a family with her. That was a dream and the movie doesn t go on to say that Jesus did that. is the premier dating site for Jewish singles, whether they're looking for casual dates, deep relationships, or friendship. A large user base and free trial.